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What Is Spiritual Energy Healing and Do You Need It?

Hello! What is spiritual energy healing and do you need it? Spiritual energy healing can have different meanings for different people. From a religious perspective, it may be a feeling of disconnection from God and a desire to correct that. For others, it can simply be a disconnection from life or a feeling of hopelessness. Whatever your beliefs, many peeps searching for spiritual energy healing are doing so because they feel lost, confused or unhappy.

Some may also search for spiritual healing when they are diagnosed with a serious illness.  In angst, they turn whatever their definition of Spirit or God is for help.

The teachings of Abraham state that you were source energy before you came into your physical body and you bring this source energy with you when you are born. Your source energy (or inner-being) is naturally pure, positive energy and when you align with it your energy flows unobstructed. You feel wonderful and your life naturally works out well. However, they also say you can cut yourself off from this energy by way of negative thought patterns and you can tell by the way you feel when this happens.

What Exactly Is Spiritual Energy Healing?

Spiritual energy healing can mean turning to God or the Divine to heal whatever plagues you. It may involve seeing a spiritual healer who promotes being a channel of God in order to facilitate healing. At the heart of it, spiritual healing is no different to energy healing except that for some people it may involve a religious element. The motivation behind both is usually the same: a desire to feel better or change something unwanted.

Do You Need A Spiritual Healing?

If you truly believe you need something, you usually find a way to get it. So if you believe you need spiritual energy healing to heal whatever problem you have, its likely you will seek one out. It’s a good idea to ask yourself: Why are you seeking spiritual energy healing? What do you believe it will give you?

Quick Story: Many years ago, I consulted with a hypnotherapist because I believed I was ‘blocked’ and needed to be ‘unblocked’. I felt there was something keeping me from the happiness and success I was seeking. The hypnotherapist was fantastic! When I told him why I had come, he said straight up, ‘You are not blocked. The problem is that you think you are blocked. This thinking that you are blocked stems from practiced negative thoughts. You need to replace these negative thoughts with more helpful ones’. Why did I go to see a hypnotherapist to get ‘unblocked’? Because I felt something was stopping me from attracting what I wanted. There was. It was my thoughts! (Further reading: Understanding the Missing Link with Energy Healing)

A good healer will tell you that your soul, or spirit, does not need healing at all. It is your mind that needs to be healed. A skilful state of mind reflects itself into positive emotions and a healthy body.

There are some spiritual healers who will you tell that they have the power to heal what plagues you. I have read stories where that has been true. But is it the actual healer? Or is the clients pure unobstructed belief in the healers ability that is the true cause for healing? Also, it’s not my intention to be a Negative Nellie here, but please be mindful that there are scumbags out there who will take advantage of your desperation and vulnerability. They will have no qualms in telling you what you want to hear in order to swindle you out of your dollars.

Are you searching for spiritual energy healing? What does spiritual healing mean to you? Or have you had one? If you feel inspired, please leave a comment below.

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