Types of energy healing

Types of Energy Healing: What is the Best Energy Healing Modality?

Gorgeous soul, what are the best types of energy healing techniques? What is it that will permanently shift your energy, change whatever is problematic in your life, and bring you the improvements you seek? Is it reiki? Massage? Crystals? Hypnosis? Something much less known?

When I sat down to write about the different types of energy healing, I felt a restlessness within, like there was something that I very much needed to express around this subject. I quickly realised that I felt compelled to write more than simply about the different types of energy healing modalities out there. I needed to express what it is that will give you the successful results you seek.

My Personal Story with Types of Energy Healing Modalities.

On my healing quest, I tried at least fifteen types of energy healing modalities. It sounds over the top, but my life was challenging and it had been so for years. My quest for energy healing did not stem from a physical condition, but from wanting to heal long term negative emotions like anxiety and not-good-enough and create a more satisfying life experience by increasing prosperity and living my life purpose.

Whilst I found that many of the different types of energy healing modalities were of benefit, and I appreciated the practitioners for their desire to help me, true lasting change eluded me.

An Example Of Me On A Healing Quest

Here are some of energy healing modalities I tried over the years: Acupuncture, trigger point therapy, massage, bowen therapy, hypnotherapy, chakra healing, crystal healing, pranic healing, reiki, spiritual response therapy, prime tuning, kinesiology, aura cleansing, soul cleansing, psychosomatic therapy, reflexology, NLP, EFT, psychic mediums, past life regression, The Journey, personal mentoring and a very expensive spiritual healing program.

Like many people who seek out some type of energy healing I was not in a good place materially, mentally  or emotionally. I felt stuck and confused. I was working very long hours and still only scraping by financially. I felt exhausted, run down and unhappy.

Then I would feel inspired to seek help. My pattern would generally go something like this: I’d feel miserable. I’d want to fix it. I didn’t know how. I’d visit Google. I’d do some type of search. I’d find something where I’d believe “This is it, this will be the thing that changes my life”. I would have an appointment. And then…

And then one of two things would usually happen. The healing was a positive experience and I would feel relatively good for a little while. Or, the healing itself would inflame years of pent up resistance laying beneath the surface. This was usually because a question that I desperately wanted answered (hot topics were life purpose and manifesting desires) would not be forthcoming. What would follow was a feeling of pure frustration and despair that would be followed by a resentment of the practitioner because I did not feel at all healed.

The Missing Link: When It Finally Clicked Into Place.

The catalyst for creating long lasting change came when I finally realised that I had an active role in the healing process and it was all centred around the thoughts in my mind. It suddenly made sense as to why any improvement in my well-being after seeing an energy healer was never permanent. Thoughts and emotions are energy too. So whilst I may have felt improvement after a healing session, it was never enough to combat the chronic negative thought patterns I had established over the years. Wherever you go, you take yourself with you. Only I could influence what was happening day to day with my energy because only I had access to my mind.

This was reiterated when I visited a healer in Thailand. She said to me straight up, ‘I cannot heal you. Only you can do that you. My job is to create a space for healing to take place. You will feel better when you leave here. It is your job to allow healing to continue after you leave.’ I asked how and she replied, ‘You stop thinking sour thoughts!’

This may sound harsh and I was taken aback at first but when I finally understood the power of her words it was liberating. My healing is my responsibility.

It took practice and commitment but in the end I learned how to heal my own energy. By ‘heal my own energy’ I mean I was able to change attributes of my personality that were unskilful and problematic, let go of unhelpful thought patterns, and finally, work towards manifesting dreams I had long given up on. I still experience challenges. Anxiety or overwhelm still arise within me. Plus I still have desires yet to come to fruition and may never will. But there is an ease and confidence present now because I know I have the ability to focus my mind.

Types Of Energy Healing Treatments I Still Have Today

I still have energy healing treatments. These days I appreciate the services of massage, reflexology, flower essences, lymphatic drainage and aromatherapy, purely because they are relaxing and I enjoy them. There are many types of energy healing modalities facilitated by a skilful practitioner that can no doubt compliment your healing journey. Meditation, regular exercise, good nutrition, forging relationships with positive people, giving back, harnessing kindness and compassion are all things I do in my daily life to keep me on track.

So, things to know about energy healing:

1) You can one hundred percent change your life for the better

2) You can do this entirely on your own or with the assistance of an energy healer (be careful of anyone who wants you to fork out lots and lots of money!! There are charlatans out there.)

3) The foundation for healing is the ability to understand your thoughts and train your mind so you deliberately think in a way that allows your energy to flow.

There is a comprehensive list of different types of energy healing modalities on this website and an article here also has some good energy healing info.

If you have your own energy healing experiences that you wish to share, I would love to read about them.

Yours in light,

Natalie xo

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