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Self Relaxation Tips For Looking And Feeling Younger

Would you be keen to learn self relaxation tips that can make you look and feel younger? “You’re positively glowing…  You’re looking fantastic…. You’re HOW old? WOW, what’s your secret?!” are compliments most of us will welcome. No one wants to fall into the “Geez-He/She’s-Really-Aged or the They’ve-Have-Had-A-Hard-Life” category.

The wellness industry is booming (it’s a trillion dollar industry) with beauty and anti-aging being at the top of the sectors generating the big dollars. However, is it necessary to be forking out loads of cash to look and feel younger? I say it’s not. But these companies are not going to teach you self relaxation tips for beauty and anti-aging that you can do for free when they can offer some magic potion!

Of course, I do spend money on taking care of myself. I take care of my skin by using good quality organic skincare, I exercise and nutrition is important to me. I also have regular massages, spa treatments, use essential oils and do cleanses. I do these things because I really like and enjoy them, not to battle the natural cycle of life. I’m not anti-cosmetic surgery. I have had cosmetic treatments in the past. What I have learned though, is to focus purely on the physical and neglect the non-physical is to short change yourself. The true secret to looking and feeling younger is not found in any pill, jar or at the hand of a surgeon. The secret is energy.

Have you ever noticed some of the ladies on tv who have had cosmetic surgery don’t necessarily look younger? They simply look like someone who has obviously had surgery. In my opinion, in their quest for looking younger, their entire focus is on the fact they are ageing and their resistance to ageing and that in itself makes them appear old. When you are vibrant, happy and enjoy life, you glow! You have a child-like youthfulness and appear beautiful no matter what your age.

Stress is ageing. Negative and toxic experiences can take its toll on your body. The fabulous news  is that you get to choose how much stress and negativity is present in your life. For me, the ageing processed slowed right down after I understood the value of harnessing energy and vibration, and learning meditation. Self relaxation to ignite your energy flow is where its at my friend. The more you learn to relax I guarantee the younger you will look and feel. It is my desire to share with you my top self relaxation tips which will have you not only feeling fabulous but looking so too.

Self Relaxation Tips for Looking and Feeling Younger

Let Go, Literally: When you are stressed and out of whack, your muscles tighten up and create a hard look. Bring your attention to your facial muscles now. Are they as relaxed as they can be? I still catch myself at times clenching my muscles. Especially around and in-between my eyes. Relax, relax, relax. It can change your entire expression and demeanour instantly. Consciously relax your muscles as you go about your day whenever you catch yourself in tension. Figuratively, let go of the small stuff. The daily stresses. I’m sure there is a book out there about not sweating the small stuff. It’s true! It will age the hell out of you.

Be Playful: Do you still have fun? We are such free spirits when we are young. Then, responsibility kicks in and it is easy to forget the art of childlike enjoyment. Just because you might choose to take on the responsibility of having a family and owning a home or forging a career doesn’t mean that you have to become a stressed out Gloombug (Note, if someone had told me this in my dark day, I would have tore their head off!) I honestly get it. How can you be playful when life is pummelling lemons at you? My sweet friend, this is the work. Finding a way to change your emotional responses (energy/vibration) before the conditions change is what will change your conditions. I know peeps who DO have a pretty stress-free comfy life and yet are still so damn uptight and grumpy! You’re an adult, but it IS okay to muck around and have fun! The military is full of people who have forgotten to enjoy the lighter side of life. Yes, it is a serious business, as is many things, but losing your joy and sense of humour is optional. Harness curiosity and child-like adventure. When I was in the middle east I didn’t realise that my supervisor was watching me walk to the mess one day. I was running my hand across the top of the tree hedges as I walked down the path, looking up at the sky in wonder and feeling this beautiful energy course through me. I hear a burst of laughter from behind me. ‘You’re such a f’king child!  I took it as a compliment!

Forget About Numbers: We are so number obsessed! How far we can run. How much money we have. How much we weigh. How old we are. We become our age by believing that the number is significant. “I’m 40 now, my body isn’t what it used to be.” It doesn’t have to be that way. Jesus, I’m 40 and I’m fitter than I have ever been in my frigging life! Refuse to be bound by a number. Sure, your going to notice signs of aging but you don’t have to give it significance or power.  A number doesn’t have to define you. It doesn’t mean pitifully trying to be 21 again or having a mid-life crisis (but by all means, go for your life if it makes you happy!) Often those actions are loaded with fear and resistance and a desire ‘to be young again’. What I am talking about is different. Make how you feel more important than the number. Being relaxed, unphased, confident, joyful, loving what you’ve got, doing things that please you, appreciating life regardless of your conditions, making the best of where you are, being in the present moment, these are all things that will expand your energy and make you glow. Your energy will make you appear younger than your age.

Meditate: Learning how to do meditation can help you gain control of your mind. It helped me immensley. For most of my life, I had zero awareness of how much my mind ruled my emotions and actions. Instead of running on auto-pilot, which can be like a rollercoaster depending on whether you like what is going on around you or not, get back into the drivers seat. You can choose to respond rather than react. You can choose strength and poise rather than fear and victim-hood. Meditation will give you insight to how your thoughts create unhappiness. Meditation will help you quieten your mind, relax your body and assist you to respond skilfully to situations in your day to day life. Honestly, meditation will give you access to blissful states of being you never knew existed and this energy will emanate from within you and out into the world. You will glow. You will be charismatic and attractive and it has nothing to do with age or beauty. There will be something about you that is simply irresistible.

Other self relaxation tips to harness:

–          Breathe deeply as you go about your day. The benefits of deep breathing are numerous as explained by this lovely lady here

–          Be present. When you are in the moment you are not lost in your mind. Everything softens and relaxes.

–          Get out into nature. The energy in nature is pulsating and it will instantly raise your vibration. You will match it when you feel it.

–          Do what you love. What makes you happy? When do you feel the most relaxed and happy? Do more of that.

–          Nurture yourself. I love herbal teas, candle-lit baths with beautiful oils, and soft music. Also a glass of wine (in moderation. Alcohol can age the hell out of you)

–          If you enjoy driving, get out for a country drives. These are the times when I really hit the boost switch and have fun.

–          Solitude. Retreat from noise and bask in silence.

–          Dream. Do you still have them or have you given up on them? Start dreaming again and take action towards them. It’s never too late. I was 40 when I ignited my dream of owning my own business and allowed it to happen.

So gorgeous. If you want to look and feel younger, focus on your energy as well as taking care of yourself physically. Self relaxation is a tool to raise your vibration. You can still enjoy pills and potions if you want to, but take the time to work on your energy too. Its worth it!

Yours in beauty


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