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Self Healing Techniques For Manifesting Abundance

Looking for some self healing techniques to improve your relationship with money? Below are some short, sharp, snappy tips that can help you manifest more abundance and prosperity. And keep it.

For most of my own life, my relationship with money was fearful and worrisome. I had a lack mentality. In my mind, there was never enough money. Even as I found ways to allow more abundance into my life, it was never enough and it didn’t seem to have sticking power.

The self healing techniques that you can practice to create more financial abundance primary focus on your inner landscape. You can move from poverty consciousness to prosperity consciousness by changing your thoughts around money.

Short, Sharp, Snappy Self Healing Techniques For Manifesting Abundance

Below are 7 simple and easy self healing techniques you can practice to change your relationship with money from lack to abundant.

#1. Define abundance as being more than money. Abundance is everywhere. Start noticing your own abundance. If you are waiting for ‘x’ amount of money to manifest before you are willing to feel abundant, money will likely to be slow in coming because you haven’t yet developed a habit of seeing through abundant eyes. Here is an interesting fact… According to the Barefoot Investor, an Aussie earning the average wage is richer than 99.72 percent of the global population. If you have money coming in, don’t worry about the amount, just notice you have money coming in. You have money. Yes! The more you focus on the money you do have, and appreciate it, the more you practice abundance thinking.

#2. Feel abundant. Worrying about money is a terrible feeling. It’s heavy and dark and horrible. While your current circumstances may give you reason to feel this way, finding a way to change it is imperative. Feeling worry over money is just a practiced habit that can be changed through training. Make a decision to practice the feeling of abundance even though you may have reason to feel otherwise. Make it genuine. Find one thing to feel abundant about even, as ridiculous as it may sound, it’s the air your breathe.

#3. Expectation. Desire without expectation is just wishful thinking. You must find a way to convince yourself that what you want is a done deal. This was a game changer for me. I had desire but deep down didn’t expect I could have it. You have to know without a doubt that you will have what you want. You can do this by using your mind like a movie cinema. Imprint it on your mental screen so often that it permeates you entire consciousness. It took me ages to master this! But it works, you can do it! This is a skill that you can develop. Every day before you get out of bed, take a couple of minutes to tell yourself that you are worthy of what you desire, you can have it, and you expect it. Then give thanks for the fact you have a life. You have life! You’re one up on all the souls who transitioned yesterday.

#4. Commitment. You have to want it enough that you are willing to spend time every day to remind yourself you are worthy of your desire and that you expect to achieve it. Spending time picturing your riches is imperative because it will strengthen your expectation. You don’t just believe it will happen, you know it will. Side Note: Be gentle with this process and don’t try and force it. Be mindful of any feelings of yearning that arise. Yearning is an indication that you are focussed on it’s absence. It can be tricky at first (I know!!) but with practice you will feel the difference between yearning and knowing.

#5. Patience & Diligence. There will be a gestation period. Be patient. It is in the ‘not having’ and the ‘where is it, where is it, hurry up!’ that doubt can sneak in. This is where you must be patient and diligent. If you notice doubtful thoughts and feelings, take some time to be still, and remind yourself that there are plenty of people who have what you want and are living the life that you dream of.  If they can achieve it, you can too. Trust. Be patient. Be diligent to work on your inner landscape rather than allow your thoughts to run will and mess up your energy.

#6. Feel worthy. Do you feel like you deserve to have what you dream of? The unfortunate fact is many of us don’t feel worthy. I didn’t. Instead of stressing over money, or wanting money to feel good enough, I began loving and appreciating myself. Furthermore I focused on being better. This worked wonders! Be a decent human being. This alone makes you feel better about yourself because people like and respect you because they know that you’re honest, loyal and have integrity. Out of all the self healing techniques, it was this one (combined with developing an abundance mentality) that changed my relationship with money.

#7. Get Comfortable With Money. Does a feeling of discomfort arise around the subject of money?  When you talk about it. Or spend it? How do you feel about the word ‘rich’? Does it evoke a negative or positive response? Is it a word that you feel belongs to other people but not you? Start thinking about being rich. Start feeling that you already are rich. This advice is nothing new and its been spoken of for years but it honestly is relevant in order to release resistance around money.

# Bonus Action Tip:  Be Money Smart. This is more an action-based step as opposed to a mental one but it can make a huge difference to how you feel about money. Take control of your current financial situation. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and continue to ignore your finances with the nervous hope its all going to change. By taking control of your current financial situation, you will instantly feel relief around the subject of money and start to develop mojo. A very basic plan is to curb your spending. Don’t buy it unless you truly need it. Put aside 10 percent of your current financial stream into savings, 10 percent into a splurge account, 20 percent to pay off any debts. The rest will cover living expenses: mortgage, bills, food etc. As you see your savings grow, so will your confidence and your mojo because you no longer feel ‘strapped for cash’. This confidence changes your energy, and your new vibe will totally attract new things!! For more info on creating a decent financial plan, I recommend reading the Barefoot Investor.

What are your thoughts on these self healing techniques for manifesting abundance? Do you have your own that you would like to share?

In prosperity,


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