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Positive Self Talk For Changing Your Life From Negative To Positive

Positive self talk can play a huge role when it comes to learning how to change your life for the better. It is my honest opinion, and I speak from personal experience, that it is almost impossible to achieve successful outcomes if your thought patterns and self talk are rooted in negativity.

Moving to positive self talk will change your energy. Great news for you! You don’t even need to consult an energy healing therapist. You can do it yourself, and with time, patience and practice, you will change your life for the better.

LOA teachings promote positive self talk as a way to change your energy and vibration and therefore what you attract. Even if you are not interested or do not ‘believe’ in the law-of-attraction, it doesn’t matter (I take LOA teachings lightly these days.)  Mastering positive self talk will still yield outstanding results because you will feel better from the increase of self confidence, self belief, self assurance and the decrease of self doubt, anxiety and pesky not-good-enough feelings.

Positive self-talk takes focus and practice. Like mastering any new skill it requires your attention and commitment. There will be times when you slip back into negative self talk patterns without even realising it and this is perfectly normal. The more you practice positive self talk, the more natural and second nature it will become until one day it is simply embedded in your being.

Tips for Positive Self Talk

–          Know your land-mines: What are the topics that send you into a tail spin? Is it relationships? Is it your body? Money? Know the topics that create the most mental upheaval for you. These are the areas that will require you to be the most vigilant.

–          Know your sweet-spots: What are the topics that you already have positive self talk about? What are you confient about? It can be easy to fall into the trap of feeling your entire life needs an overhaul which can feel like a ginormous undertaking. Usually it is just few areas that require some fine-tuning. There must be something you feel good about. What is it? Focus on what that feels like. Your mission is to feel the same way about the subjects that challenge you as how you feel about the subjects you are confident about.

–          Become your own watch-keeper: On deployment, the front gates to the compound were manned by armed personnel who were diligent with who they let in. Corny analogy I know, but with awareness you will begin to see how you have allowed all sorts of nasty, unskillful thoughts to perpetrate your mind and run rampant, causing total chaos. Not anymore!  You will notice the thoughts that try to get in that are unhelpful. You will now refuse entry, sending them on their way. No need to judge them as bad or wrong or to go to battle with them. A simple ‘Keep walking, Mofo, I’m not even going to entertain you,’ will do nicely. (Side note: this is not about denial. As you begin to become more aware and be honest with yourself, you will know what needs your attention and what is simply unhelpful, practiced negativity. Eg. I am not good enough. I can’t do this. Nothing works out for me.)

–          It will be even better if your positive self talk goes beyond yourself and encompasses those around you. I know plenty of peeps who harness positive self talk but their confidence is loaded with arrogance, superiority and negative, nasty judgment of others. Positive self talk is all about treating yourself with kindness and compassion and you will do everyone a great service when this lovely energy is extended to other beings as well.

Here are some examples of positive self talk:

–          I can handle this

–          I am a decent person

–          I am worthy of a good life

–          I am a in control of my thinking

–          I put good energy into everything I do

–          I am successful. My success is based on who I am as a human being not what I do and have

–          Things work out for me

–          I have beautiful….

–          I am good at….

–          No matter what challenges I am faced with, I will respond with poise and grace

–          (If I don’t respond with poise and grace) No worries! I am aware now and I’ll continue to do better

–          I have total choice when it comes to how I think and feel

–          Every day I am getting better and better

–          I appreciate my body. It’s the one that gives me life

–          I deserve the very best because I strive to do and be my best

–          I appreciate all that I am blessed with

–          I give thanks for what I have been through as it has made me who I am

–          I am not better than him/her. He/She is not better than me. We are individuals having an adventure in life

–          I am not my (job/money/upbringing)

–          I feel good about who I am. I am focused, calm and skilful and I can achieve whatever I put my mind to

–          I will be my best in my darkest moments

When You Totes F&%k It Right Up.

It is easy to cultivate positive self talk when you are feeling good and things are going your way. The real test comes when times are tough or if you have said or done something you regret.

Some peeps can go through life leaving a trail of destruction in their wake and never think twice about the people they hurt or the damage they have caused. I personally fall on the opposite spectrum. The slightest stuff up or mistake can have me tied up in knots for days (or years). I have had to learn to let myself off the hook for things I cannot change. It can be a challenge if you’re accustomed to being hard on yourself.  A friend of mine on deployment once said ‘Jesus you are FULL of Catholic guilt and you’re not even Catholic!’

If you are like me then it is imperative that you learn to let go, forgive yourself and go easy on your beautiful sweet soul. I know you want to do and be your best and if you fall short of that it can be gut wrenching. Remember, you are human and some of your best learning and periods of growth will come from your mistakes.

My past if full of things that are a far cry from my finest moments and, for a long time, I held deep shame and hatred for myself. I had to learn to let it go. I didn’t want to! I felt like I needed to punish myself. But honestly you can take yourself to an early grave by doing this. Forgive yourself and let it go. Strive now to be the best you can be.

Negative self talk is draining and will plummet your energy. When you are feeling out of whack it affects everything. Your relationships, your work, and most importantly your point of attraction. Making positive self talk a priority in your life is a wise move but do it because it feels good not to make something happen!

Interesting enough, sometimes there may not even be a specific dialogue of negative self talk playing out in your head. Instead, you may just be walking around in a cloak of anxiety or unhappiness. This can come from years of practiced thought patterns. These feelings are your invitation to do something skillful with your mind and move yourself from a negative state of being to something more positive. Again, it takes practice but trust me my sweet friend, the results are worth it. Better yet, don’t trust me, do the work and try it for yourself.

The more you master positive self talk, the more it becomes second nature and the easier your life will unfold. What are some of your experiences with positive self talk?

Yours in healing,


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