Natural Healing Methods

Natural Healing Methods: Alternate Therapies to Help Raise Your Vibration

Have you considered natural healing methods for physical and energetic well-being? An effective tool to heal your energy is to take care of yourself holistically. Holistic healing is understanding that well-being is attributed equally to caring for the mind, body and spirit.

There are plenty of natural healing methods that are conducive to energy healing and raising your vibration. In my experience, the most effective methods are the ones that you are in alignment with. That is, the ones that you feel positive about and believe will work.

If you undertake any healing method with feelings of negativity, a successful outcome is likely to be compromised.

Quick Story: A lady I once worked came to work one day totally pissed off over her massage experience the previous afternoon. She explained it was ruined when the therapist “did some ridiculous energy crap.” She was evidently emotional as she relayed how, at the end of the massage, the therapist began to do reiki. My work colleague was not impressed. “She kept asking me ‘did you feel that shift, did you feel that?’ and I wanted to scream, ‘I don’t feel a thing, just bloody stop it!’ She was clearly upset and annoyed by the experience.

I found this story interesting for two reasons. 1) People come to healing with all sorts of beliefs and those beliefs can affect the success of the treatment. My work mate’s story highlighted the importance of aligning with the method of healing for it to be effective.  2) From a practitioner point of view, it demonstrated an error on the part of the therapist for not gaining the consent of the client. Although her (the healer’s) intention was no doubt coming from a good place, she did not obtain informed consent first to make sure her client was open to receiving the treatment.

Healing is very personal and individual. The best healing methods are going to be different from person to person. I will list my favourites below. I would love to know what you think and if you have your own favourite natural healing methods for healing the mind, body and soul.

5 Natural Healing Methods That Work (Well, For Me:)

1. Essential oils:  I have been using essential oils for preventative medicine and treating minor ailments for years. What I love most about them though, is the benefits they have on my energy and vibration. For more info on aromatherapy and to learn what essential oils are best for a particular problem, click here. This website is a free resource and has one of the best libraries on essential oils.

You can use essential oils for meditation, for cleansing the energy of your home, for massage, and for making your own body mists and skin products. There is something about the natural aroma of essential oils that is incredibly relaxing. It almost feels like an inner letting go when I come into a room and smell a high quality essential oil. Looking after yourself doesn’t have to cost a fortune because you can make your own remedies. Something important to note: not all essential oils are created equal. Download the Essential Oil Buying Guide here.

2.Restorative breath work: This is my number one natural healing method. It honestly still blows my mind how powerful something as simple as learning to breath properly can be. Stress, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed for years resulted in poor, shallow breathing. Learning how to consciously breathe, as silly as it may sound as breathing is natural, helped me release huge amounts of tension and stimulate energy flow within my body. This had a massive impact, not only on my physical well-being but also my mental landscape. For me, this is the bridge between the mind and body and I highly recommend it.

3.Relaxation Massage: I love massage as a tool for enhancing my vibration when I am already feeling great and I want to maintain that feeling. I love it even more when I am feeling out of whack and I want to restore balance.

A good massage therapist will do more than just treat the body. They will create an environment conducive for aligning your energy and allowing healing to occur. This may include using high quality essential oils, creating a quiet environment, playing soft music, and offering a comfortable massage table. A good therapist will understand the value of silence and quieting the mind.

Quick Story: I once had the worst experience when I was living in Townsville. I had found out some devastating news and I booked myself in for a massage to try to relieve my anxiety and calm my nerves. (Now that I understand energy and the law-of-attraction, it makes total sense that I attracted this experience!) As it was short notice, I was booked in with a therapist I had not been to before. Honestly it was hideous. She talked the entire way through and was actually pissed off when I eventually spoke up and said, ‘Please I really need to relax, may we can please be in silence?’ She was fuming. I could feel it when she spoke, in her movements, her touch, it was pure vitriol. I felt so vulnerable being on the table, with no clothes on and being touched by someone who felt venomous towards me. Ever since that experience, I have made a point to say at the beginning of a treatment that I prefer not to talk as I would like my mind to rest.

A good therapist will one hundred percent understand and respect the need for silence. Conversely, if you like to talk, a good therapist will likely encourage you not to. You will want to give your mind and body the space to heal. In addition, you want your therapist to be able to quieten their own mind and focus on facilitating your healing and they can do that more effectively without chatter.

3.1 Lymphatic Drainage Massage: Lymphatic drainage massage differs from deep tissue massage as it is soft and delicate. Being so fine, it is tempting to see it as being useless. After a couple of sessions however, the benefits will be obvious.

My body is prone to fluid retention particularly in the ankles and the thighs. In additional, prior to transitioning to a vegan lifestyle my digestive system was terribly sluggish. Lymphatic drainage, as well as being relaxing, was extremely effective in getting rid of excess fluid.

Even with good eating and exercise I had visible cellulite at the top of my legs. I have always believed diet and exercise to be the only true method in dealing with cellulite (fad pills and creams never worked for me) but I noticed a big reduction in the fatty deposits on my legs after lymphatic drainage massage. I have it monthly for ongoing maintenance and I really enjoy the relaxation aspect of it.

4. Plant Based Foods: Most of us know that we should eat healthy. However, it wasn’t until I really cleaned up my eating did I realise just how essential diet is in respect to energy healing as well as physical healing. I read a quote recently that said, ‘Your body isn’t a dump, don’t feed it rubbish.’  Sometimes, we don’t realise just how shit we put up with feeling until you begin cleaning up your food habits and experiencing the result of that. Eating a whole food plant based diet will, in my opinion, make a big difference to your energy and vibration. It may not be easy to adopt at first, however, once you get into the habit of it, you won’t ever go back.

5.Colon Cleanse: Okay so this is the mother of all natural healing methods. My first colon cleanse honestly changed my life. It sounds theatrical but its true. The day after Anzac Day 2015, I commenced my first colon cleanse. For months, I had been experiencing terrible stomach pain and bloating. I saw the doctor and had testing done and I was not celiac or gluten intolerant. Long story short my own investigations on Google inspired me to partake in a colon cleanse. Oh. My. God. It was not an easy ride but it was so incredibly effective. I kept a diary throughout the experience and I share it with you here if you are thinking of doing one and don’t know what to expect.

There are many companies offering colon cleanses. I went with Blessed Herbs primarily because they had been around for years and I was won over by the testimonials. More info here.

There is controversy surrounding colon cleanses and detoxes as to whether or not they work. I agree that the market is flooded with rubbish products made by companies who want to cash in on a growing market. I can only speak from my own experience in that I lost 3.6kg and kept it off (I didn’t do it to lose weight) and the excruciating pain I was experiencing in my stomach stayed away. Not only that, I felt so good that I never returned to my old way of eating and this did change me in beautiful ways I never expected.

What are Your Favourite Natural Healing Methods?

I hope you have enjoyed reading some of my favourite alternate therapies and natural healing methods for energy, raising vibration and general wellbeing. I’d love to know what you think of these and if you have any of your own to share.

Yours in healing


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