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Natural Cleanse Diet: Best 8 Week Body Transformation Challenge

OMG Guys! My natural cleanse diet begins today and thankfully so! We are one week into the New Year and most people rejuvenate their eating habits from Jan 1.

However, it was my brothers 50th birthday in Sydney on Saturday (involving a momentous celebration and copious amounts of champagne) so I decided to commence my natural cleanse diet one week later instead.

Natural Cleanse Diet: 8 Week Body Transformation

What does my natural cleanse diet involve? Firstly, I’ll explain why I am doing this. I had foot surgery (first MTP Joint Fusion) on Nov 28 and I have been immobile since then. Knowing the long recovery, I have been careful with my eating however, like many, I had a blow out over the holiday period.

As a result of 6 weeks immobility and 2 weeks of undisciplined eating, I have gained weight, lost muscle tone, lost energy, increased lethargy and sluggishness (and a good dose of irritability.)

My natural cleanse diet isn’t a diet as such (I am not a fan of diets) but rather lifestyle change and a return to good eating habits.

I have undertaken Digestive System Cleanse and 3 Day Fast Plans in the past which can be a good way to reset bad habits however often any weight loss is put back on once eating recommences.

8 weeks is a long time so my natural cleanse diet/lifestyle has to be something enjoyable otherwise it will be mental torture. My body transformation plan includes the following:

  • Daily restorative breath work
  • Daily exercise (I am limited due to my post surgery recovery however I’ll find something)
  • 3 meals per day, 2 snacks per day (primarily whole foods)
  • 3 litres of water per day
  • Juice Plus Pills, 1 of each per day.

This post will be a running post as I will update it as I progress. My husband took ‘before’ photos of me this morning. He also measured my weight, waist, hips and thighs so I can measure my progress (I didn’t look at any of this as I wish my mind to be free of numbers to start with.)

I will be recording my food and exercise plans and will post updates at the 14, 28, 42 & 56 day mark. I will conclude the 8 week body transformation challenge 5 days prior to my discharge date. I really want to leave the military being at my peak. I will be limited with exercise due to my foot however I cannot let that be an excuse.

I really hope me doing this may inspire you to do your own challenge. I honestly believe energy healing is more than just positive thinking, creative visualisation and ‘getting into alignment’. The condition of your physical body affects your energy and vibration. I am really looking forward to getting back to feeling really good and leaving behind the mental and physical lethargy, irritability and sluggishness.

Stay tuned!

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