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Natural Beauty Secrets: How Energy Healing Can Make You Beautiful

Today I would love to share with you my top natural beauty secrets and, warning, they may not be what you would expect. There is no long list of beauty products that I recommend you buy or even recipes for home-made potions (although if that interests you click here for my easy aromatherapy recipes, coming soon).

Instead, my natural beauty secrets revolve around that which you cannot see. Your energy and vibration. Yes gorgeous one, the secret to radiating beauty has little to do with a miracle cream or serum, nor is it found in botox or at the hands of a surgeon. If you are honestly wanting to increase your beauty starting today (and not spend a cent) get comfortable, relax and open your mind.

Natural Beauty Secrets: Leveraging Your Energy For Beauty

Are you willing to consider that all of us radiate an energy, or vibe? Have you ever met someone that you instantly click with and feel good around? Conversely, have you had encounters that leave you feeling drained and exhausted? What’s that got to do with beauty? Well, have you ever seen aesthetically stunning people appear ugly because of their words and actions? Have you met other peeps who, while not magazine-cover gorgeous, you find to be simply beautiful and attractive? All of this is related to the energy and vibration that each and everyone of us express to the world.

Understanding Energy: The energy you give off is directly affected by your thoughts and emotions. If you are looking for natural beauty secrets, then my number one pick is to turn within rather than to an expensive product or cosmetic surgeon. Or, go for the surgery if you really want to! But my hot tip is be just as committed to your inner landscape as you are your physical one.

Here are my natural beauty secrets that will make you more beautiful AND, added bonus, slow down the aging process.

#1. Accept what you have. There are some absolutely aesthetically stunning human beings on this earth but if you are not one of them (I’m not!) are you really going to let it affect you your entire life? Are you going to choose to feel heavy emotional pain and chase something that you may never obtain? You ARE beautiful. When you know this, when you FEEL beautiful with what you are blessed with, you will appear beautiful to others. Hand on my heart, you can radiate beauty no matter what you look like. The only thing standing in your way is a belief that you are not.

#2. Accept that you will age. No one escapes getting older. It is the one certainty in life! Your body is going to grow old but that doesn’t mean your have to suffer. Resisting the ageing process is gut-wrenchingly painful. And ageing! Clinging on to something you cannot have is very stressful. I’ve seen people end up looking older in their search for looking younger (just watch Real Housewives!) Getting older does not mean losing out. There is a common belief that you can only be beautiful in youth. Wrong! Get rid of the belief that you cannot be beautiful as you age. You can!

#3. Think beautiful. You literally are what you think. If you think you cannot do something, you wont. If you think and feel beautiful, you will appear that way to the world and it has little to do with what you look like. Thinking you are beautiful doesn’t mean being stuck-up or superior. It simply means you stop thinking you are not. No matter what you look like, if you work on feeling beautiful and sensual, as you are, you will be extremely attractive to the world.

#4. Redefine what beauty is. Your typical super-hot guy has never appealed to me because I need more than just pretty packaging. Unless, of course, he has the inner attributes to go with it! Honesty, loyalty, goodness, decency, kindness, generosity,  respect (and motor cycles!!) are all things that, to me, make someone absolutely beautiful. I know it sounds cliché’, the ‘what’s on the inside’ mantra, but there is wisdom to it. Have you ever had that thought ‘There is just something about him/her’ There is! Its their vibe that is attractive!

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#5. Invest more on the inside. Accepting and feeling beautiful with what you have does not mean you stop taking care of yourself. It simply means to give up the exhausting chase. When you spend just as much time and energy, or more, focusing on your energy, your beauty is effort-less. Too many people invest in their appearance completely neglecting the gold mine of leveraging their energy. You wont need to spend hours focussed on your looks. Your beauty will be natural and totally effortless.

#6. Work with what you are blessed with. There are some looks I know I just cannot pull off no matter how much I would like to. Find your own style. For years I clung to my long hair. When I was on deployment, it all fell out! So I cut it short. This cute little punk style. Honestly it took years off. The style I had held onto for years did not suit my face shape at all but I thought that I needed long hair to be beautiful. Do you have beliefs like this that you may be holding on to? Refuse to fall victim to mainstream and don’t be afraid to create your own style.

#7. Of all the natural beauty secrets the greatest of them all is love. Love, of the unconditional variety, is the most powerful, healing and most beautiful attributes you can give. To yourself, to people, to animals and the planet. When you carry a deep love inside of you, you will light up life wherever your  travels take you.

What are you thoughts on these natural beauty secrets lovely peeps? Pls feel welcome to share your own.

Here’s to you, beautiful one,


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