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Natural Anxiety Remedy: What Works And When To Seek Help

Is there such thing as a natural anxiety remedy? Is anxiety purely an emotional (and often physical) manifestation of the thoughts you choose to think? Or is there something deeper?

For a very long time, I have been a strong advocate for the power of mastering your thinking. That is, whatever you are feeling and experiencing is a result of chronic patterns of thought. From thought comes behaviour, actions, decisions, communication. I wrote here over twelve months ago about my experience of self healing in respect to anxiety and how I refused to entertain medication as a way of dealing with some acute symptoms presenting themselves at the time.

It was genuinely my experience. The anxiety I was feeling at that time was situational / circumstantial. That is, it was this one particular area of my life that I didn’t like, and the fact I was pushing against it, that was my problem. So I knew I either had to change the situation, or manage it. I honestly did not believe that anti-anxiety medication was right for me given my understanding of the cause. I couldn’t change the situation (not a fan of this anyway as that old saying, ‘Wherever you go, you take yourself with you,” is on point) so I learned to manage it.

Natural Anxiety Remedy: What Works?

My go to natural anxiety remedy is running. Any exercise in general is good for you but I love running. In particular, running in nature. I love it. For me, anxiety manifests in these forms:

Mentally: racing mind, restlessness, inability to focus
Emotionally: nervousness, uptight, closed off, overwhelm,
Physically: racing heart, shallow breathing, chest pain, lethargy, sick feeling in stomach

Going for a run eases if not totally eliminate these symptoms. Not 100% of the time, but pretty close.

Other go-to’s in my natural anxiety remedy toolkit include:

  • Meditation
  • Deep Breathing
  • Spending time in nature
  • Spending time with animals
  • Creative Writin
  • Swimming at the beach
  • Reading a good book
  • Self-nuture days like massage, pedicure, facials
  • Essential Oils
  • Good nutrition
  • Mindfulness. That is, paying attention to what triggers emotional responses and then taking the time to inquire into that.

All of the above have proven to be very successful as tools to manage anxiety when it has arisen in the past.

Although a glass of wine or other alcoholic beverage can be relaxing, I do not recommend this as a natural anxiety remedy only because, for me, it usually has a negative effect the following day. It is different if I have a glass of wine when I am happy and already feeling good, however I will avoid the wine as a way to deal with negative emotion.

When Your Natural Anxiety Remedy No Longer Works

Okay so I’m going to share a bit deeper. I promised myself when I started this website that I would be honest and sincere. I would tell the truth even if it was hard to say.

There was a time for about 5 months last year where I barely wrote at all. This wasn’t because I was just too busy (I was busy. I have been busy for a long time yet still managed my time in a way so I could write!) The truth was my anxiety was so acute that I simply couldn’t write. I would come home from work so exhausted and so withdrawn that I just wanted to be left alone.

What was causing this anxiety? It was my circumstances. Without boring you with details, I had about five significant challenges unfolding and this was the cause. Yet is that true? Was it really my circumstances or was it my thoughts, or resistance, to my circumstances that was the problem?

This is where things got tricky. I could clearly see how my resistance was creating so much of my angst. I would remind myself, when I caught myself on the verge of a panic attack, and when my mind was on a rampage of negative thoughts, “Nat, you know it is your thinking that is the problem. You know that you could be sitting here in the exact same position, saying to yourself ‘I am okay, no big deal, I can handle this’ but you are not. You are saying that your situation is ‘bad’, and that is your problem.’

But hang on! Aren’t some things just bloody shitty?! Isn’t it okay to not be okay when intense challenges arise? I have discovered there is a pot hole you can fall into on this energy healing / personal development / spiritual enlightenment path and I’ll share it with you now.

Sometimes nothing in your natural anxiety remedy/happiness toolkit works. You can know all the processes and energy healing techniques in the world and there may come a time where they just don’t do the trick.

And from here look TF out as, before you know it, you’re falling deeply into that nasty trap of hideous self-judgment. Here is the thing: I knew logically that it was my way of thinking that was exacerbating my anxiety and unhappiness, I knew it and because I knew it I felt like an absolute failure. I had successfully managed resistance in the past, yet nothing I was doing was working in the present.

I was so frustrated with myself. I had been through dark times, awful, traumatic times that were a hundred times more distressing that the current conditions (and yet I’d managed it in the past!) Why could I not help myself now? Why is nothing that I am doing working? May be a better question to ask is, ‘Is it time to seek some help?’

For me, it was. It was an excruciatingly difficult thing to do. I don’t ask for help. I was a single mum for almost 10 years, I don’t know how to ask for help! My MO is to suffer in silence, deal with things on my own. Write more gratitude lists! Look for the positive aspects! It’s your thinking that is your problem! This is what my mind screamed.

What I learned is that there is a difference between having a bad attitude and being a serial complainer to genuinely having a hard time in getting out of a dark hole.

I will write in further detail about my journey with going outside of myself to inviting another person into my life to help me. I really wanted to share this today because I felt a lot of shame. Please don’t let self judgment hold you back from seeking assistance, with anything in life. If you are trying and nothing is working you deserve to take care of yourself and part of that may be inviting help and support into your world.

Who am I to write an energy healing blog when it is apparent that my own energy healing path is incomplete? That was my sneering thoughts! I almost shut this entire site down because I felt like I had no right in sharing with the intention of helping others when I am not perfect. Then something stopped me. It was a deeper knowing that my path will forever be incomplete and this experience will not only help me, but possibly people who I connect with who are on a similar path.

Do you have a go to natural anxiety remedy that has worked for you? Have you ever experienced, like I have, times where nothing in your arsenal is effective? What did you do? Thank you for sharing this path. Nat xo

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