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My $450 Aura Analysis / Soul Reading Experience

Yes. I once paid $450 for an aura analysis / soul reading and I’d love to share what I learned from this experience. Recently I wrote about aura readings and what you can do to increase the likelihood of a successful reading, as well as success in your life in general as you move forward. I feel compelled to share my $450 aura analysis experience, not because it was an expensive lesson but to really highlight the fact that you are the creator of your reality and so what is happening before, during and after your aura analysis/reading is far more powerful than the reading itself.

Aura Analysis: The Answer To My Asking?

The year was 2010 and I was flicking through a new age mag when I saw the advertisement. A renowned medium was offering soul readings / aura analysis which would help me find my life purpose, create abundance, clear blockages,… The top three things that I was soooo struggling with at the time. I was absolutely desperate to FIND MY LIFE PURPOSE DAMMIT, LIFE PURPOSE WHY ARE YOU ELUDING ME?!!!! I knew I wanted to create SOMETHING. But I didn’t know what. Or how. Having watched the Secret and being an avid reader of law-of-attraction teachings, this ad was my sign that an aura/soul reading was my next logical step.

When I enquired further into the reading and discovered it was $450, I deliberately ignored the voice inside that was clutching its heart and gasping for air as it wheezed, ‘Jesus you’re not seriously going to fork out that much money for a reading or you?’ and plowed on into,’Book me in!’ This reading was going to give me clarity for my LIFE FRIGGING PURPOSE SO SHUT UP ANNOYING, LOGICAL VOICE THIS IS IMPORTANT TO ME AND YOU’RE NOT GOING TO RUIN IT WITH YOUR NEGATIVE, LACK BASED, IRRITATING THOUGHTS!

Aura Analysis On The Day

For the reading, I had to email a photo. I was advised to drink plenty of water on the day, and avoid caffeine and alcohol. I remember I had a pumpkin scone for lunch with lashings of butter (this was my pre-vegan days) and a cup of tea. The reading started off somewhat clairvoyant like. The reader was accurate in picking up aspects of my personality, as well as choices / situations I had experienced in the past. She then went on to tell me what was present in my aura. Its almost 7 years ago now so my memory is a bit faded but the aura analysis went something like this:

– Red: Very entreuprenurial. Had a good business mind and I would be good at running my own business (I had desparately wanted to hear thing because it was something I wanted so much)

– Yellow: Strong, intellectual mind. Very logical. Liked to know how things worked. And very much had to believe in whatever it was I was doing.

– Pink: Highly compassionate and kind. Soft nature. Dislikes violence of any kind. Gentle .Â

– Green: Natural, earthy, would be suited to alternative therapies.

Some other things I was told:

– Husband has secret information that he cannot tell me due to the nature of his job

– It would be years before I got my dream home

– I give up too soon on projects I start

– I had to stop putting the cart before the horse in respect to business ideas

– We could be millionaires by investing in real estate but to stay away from shares.

– Get addicted to what is good for me and drink little alcohol

– I am vain and looking good is important to me

– Husband really loves me and to stop doubting that

How Did I Feel About The Reading?

After I hung up, I remember hanging up feeling a mix of excitement yet I guess a little let down too. It wasn’t CRYSTAL CLEAR to me what my life purpose was. It wasn’t spoken to me ‘you are meant to be an ‘x,y,z’. But I did feel a sense of  hope that I would achieve my dream which was to create something and work for myself. I just wasn’t sure what exactly that was and how I was going to do it.

Looking back, here are my thoughts on the experience.

– I didn’t trust myself or the creative process at all. When you truly trust in your ability to create, and you trust that you really can have whatever you desire you don’t need to seek reassurance from someone else that this is true.

It was nice that the reader knew stuff about my character and past, but all this did was build reassurance in her ability. It doesn’t really help in any way. Looking back, and I actually haven’t thought of this experience in years so it has been great to re-visit it, it reinforces to treat aura readings / aura analysis/ psychic readings / soul readings, anything like this, lightly.

The thing is: although my husband was working for the Army at that stage, he honestly wasn’t privvy to any sort of top secret information that he couldn’t disclose to me. We did invest in real estate but one particular property was a frigging drain and actually cost us over $100k in losses. This is why I say be light with it. And, more importantly, be in touch with your energy!

The property in question was purchased not long after the reading and I remember having niggling thoughts but ignoring them and plowing on in to the purchase, almost forcing it to happen because I was convinced, ‘This is part of the real estate plan that will make us millionaires’. No regrets though. There are no mistakes, just experiences with different outcomes that are always the launching place for someting new.

There are things that have stuck with me since the reading. Hearing that I give up too soon was worth every bit of the $450 as this nugget of insight to my personality was not something I had then gained awareness. It has stuck with me, right up to this day where there were times I felt like giving up on this website, as well as my perfume business, when both were in the baby stages of creation and felt like they were going no where.

My Thoughts If You’re Considering An Aura Analysis

Again, treat it lightly. Do it for fun. Make sure you can afford it. Be super aware of your energy and your thoughts. Be super aware of your motivations And above all, cultivate the art of being REALLY honest with yourself. You don’t necessarily need someone to tell you stuff about yourself, your past or your future. All the answers ARE within, you just need to have the conversations. Work on your beliefs and your expectations. Work on your energy which is an extension of your mind. THIS is where it all begins.

Begin to be aware of the thoughts that come from the heart (authentic) and those that come from the ego. So much of what I wanted to do came from my ego rather than my soul. It was what I thought, I could create, or what I thought sounded good to others, not really what was in my heart. When I asked myself, ‘Is this really what I want to do?’and got real and honest I saved myself so much bloody time and energy! I once travelled to Thailand to study thai massage but it was never really in my heart.

It can feel like an effort at first but when you take the time to work on your thinking, it truly will transform the conditions of your life and before long you’ll be wondering why life was so hard for so long.

What are your thoughts? I’d love to read your experiences, positive or negative, you never know how your story will help someone else.

Much love to you

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