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Mind Body Healing: How It Can Be A Natural Anxiety Remedy

I didn’t come across mind body healing until my early thirties. (Side note: I am not a medical professional and my intention for this post is to share my personal experience of how I was able to reduce my anxiety with mind body healing. It is not meant to discourage anyone from professional medical treatment.)

I have been fortunate to experience good physical health over much of my life. However, my mental health was an area that could be problematic at times. Anxiety, low self confidence and extreme shyness were ever present companions.

On one of my many healing quests, I consulted with an energy healing therapist who enquired, ‘Are you seeing someone about your anxiety?’ I stared at her with a blank smile, ‘I beg your pardon?’ She looked at me expectantly, ‘Your anxiety. Are you taking medication? Are you seeing someone for it?’ I burst out laughing (one of those nervous, hysterical cackles), ‘Anxiety? What are you talking about?!’

I honestly had never associate ‘me’ with ‘anxiety’. It was from that moment onwards that I gained awareness of a state of being that had been with me for so very long that it was simply ‘normal’.

Mind Body Healing In Theory

Mind body healing is about consciously using the power of your thoughts and emotions to positively influence physical well-being.  Medical writer Jo Marchant writes in her book Cure: A Journey Into The Science of Mind Over Body:

“Our mental state can be crucial in determining our experience of symptoms such as pain, nausea, fatigue and depression…Feeling stressed or afraid can cause your heart to race and your bowels to empty, and trigger an immune response called inflammation. These processes aren’t usually under our conscious control—we can’t will changes to occur—but there are indirect methods we can use to influence them.”

I had heard of the term mind body healing over the years but never really understood what it meant. Did the energy healing therapist who asked me about my anxiety do me a favour or a disservice that day? I had been completely ignorant of anxiety. By bringing it to my attention, did she provide me with a label, a crutch and potentially further problems?

‘I’m an anxious person… Its because I have anxiety… I can’t do that due to my anxiety…’ Could something I had previously been ignorant of become even more of a hindrance in my life? My feeling is, labels can be problematic, but for me gaining awareness into my nervous tendencies helped me a lot. Here is why: anxiety was normal to me. I didn’t realise how much it was affecting me physically. Racing heart, inability to focus, freaking out at the slightest sniff of a problem, clenched jaw, headaches, poor sleep patterns, fatigue and exhaustion. These were some of the physical effects I began to notice. They had been present for a long time and I had simply been living with them.

Mind Body Healing In Practice

The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well ~ Hippocrates

What followed after acknowledging the presence of the anxiety was a commitment to practicing mind body healing and seeing if I could change my nervous ways by changing my inner dialogue.
I began to understand what would activate the anxiety and what soothed it. For example, when I was in the Navy it would be off the wall when I had to perform Colours  (a daily ceremonial duty of raising the flag, often with a cast of thousands in attendance) or when attending social events. Once I had awareness of what would trigger the anxiety, I could prepare myself in advance where as in the past I would suffer through it. Often I noticed an anxious feeling was just there and wasn’t due to a particular event or thought pattern. It was like it was my default state, my auto-pilot state was Anxious. I did change it though.
Meditation and practicing present moment awareness were my go-to practices. (This article from Deepak Chopra provides more detailed information about how mind body healing works scientifically.) It did take effort but I was able to see for myself that by changing my inner dialogue, and with regular meditation practice which quietened my mind, I was able to reduce my anxiety. Eventually, so many of the things that I used to worry about, weren’t an issue anymore. 

Why Did It Come Back?

Relieving the anxiety no doubt had a definite positive effect. I was more relaxed,  I experienced joy (sounds funny but I had forgotten what pure joy felt like), I became a kinder, more patient person, I had more energy, headaches went away and I slept better. I changed my relationship with food and fitness. I felt appreciation. Real, genuine appreciation for my life which was something I honestly cannot recall feeling for a long time.

Then I joined the Defence Force (a decision made out of resistance) and the anxiety came back with gutso. What happened to my serenity, my zen and all the progress I had made?

What happened was this new, unfamiliar, out-of-my-comfort-zone experience was the perfect invitation for it to return. From a vibrational/energy perspective, you could say that I simply wasn’t stable enough in my new state of being (or present moment awareness) to cope with this massive change and I reverted back to the default state that had been dominant for such a long time.

I spent years in this awful state. I wasn’t miserable 24/7 but there was a hard edge present. The carefree, joyful, appreciative girl I was before I moved interstate was no longer there.  The wonderful progress I had made in the preceding years went out the window.

After being in (the Navy) for about 18 months, I had a medical, and the doc said I was showing signs of anxiety and she’d like for me to talk to someone. I resisted the idea but she insisted I go just once to see if it would help, so I did. The solution offered to me was the opposite of my previous mind body healing philiosophy.

“You’d Be Surprised At How Many People Take Them”

I went to see the psych who I realised was the guy who handled the more ‘acute’ cases as opposed to the ‘general’ one who handled transfer of categories and disciplinary issues. That was a confronting moment. How had I digressed this far? All the frustration and stress I had been feeling exploded in that session. I was in tears, almost to the point of a panic attack. The pysch said, ‘I’d like to start you on a low dosage anti-depressant which will take the edge off your anxiety’.  He began writing in my file. I replied, ‘No thank you, I won’t do that.’ He looked up at me, genuinely surprised. ‘What? It will help you’, he said. I shook my head and stated firmly, ‘Sorry, I’m not taking medication’. Still surprised he asks, ‘Why not? You’d be surprised at how many defence members take these’, to which I replied, ‘And, I’m not going to be one of them’.

Please do not interpret that I am saying there is something wrong with medication. It is not at all my intention and again I reiterate that I am not a medical professional and have little knowledge of all the chemical and neurological factors at play with anxiety. But when the doctor told me his plan for me, I knew from the depth of my heart that medication was not the answer.

Why did I feel strongly about this? Well, I had successfully mastered mind body healing in the past and I knew I could do it again. I knew my problem was my thinking. I had simply reverted back to my old ways. I could pinpoint exactly what my problem was and why medication wasn’t going to help that.

Here was my problem: I was frustrated with myself beyond belief! I disliked being in the military, it was that simple. It was never a life long dream. I never really wanted to do it. I did it because I didn’t know what else to do and and something felt better than nothing. I didn’t feel like I fit in. I didn’t enjoy it. I was miserable, and I felt frustrated. FRUSTRATED!!! I was so frikking frustrated because I had tried so hard at manifesting and creating my own reality only to wind up almost 40 years old and still not doing what I dreamed of! THAT was the root cause of my problem. Pills may have helped me manage it better but I knew that as soon as I started taking them my goal would be to stop taking them. I knew exactly what was causing my anxiety (my resistance) and what I needed to do.

So what did I do? I had to make peace with where I was and make the best of it. I changed my thoughts and I made the decision to appreciate the opportunity the Navy was giving me and to put good energy in regardless of whether I believed I was a fit for service or not. I still had 2.5 years of my contract to see out. Yes, I could have pushed for early discharge but that is not my style. I had made the decision to serve my country and I vowed to myself I would not leave until I had deployed.

I felt inspired to share this story to highlight there can be bumps on the mind body healing path. Before I joined the military, I thought I had ‘gotten over’ my anxiety because I had created conditions that were pleasing at the time. I was living by the beach in a huge house, I was doing yoga every second day and I had a dream part time job that I loved. It was the ideal work/life balance and I was relaxed and blissfully happy.

Then the conditions changed. My husband was posted, we moved interstate and everything changed. Which, in hindsight, was fantastic because it made me realise that my happiness was still very conditional. Joining the military exposed that. It gave me an opportunity to get back on track and deepen my practice to new levels.

Anxiety can be awful . I’ve had people say ‘Awww your so cute when your anxious’ but when you’re in it, there is nothing cute about it. I empathise with anyone who has to manage anxiety and again I stress there is absolutely no judgment here when it comes to medication. We do what we have to do to get through.

Soothing anxiety is just one way mind body healing helped me. I have also successfully used it to correct my body language and a niggling hip ailment. Do you have personal experiences with mind body healing and changing your life by changing your thoughts that you feel comfortable sharing? Pls feel welcome to comment below.

Yours in zen serenity 🙂


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