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Hey there! My name is Nat, thank so much for stopping by energy healing therapy site. If you are wanting to learn more about energy healing therapy or looking at making positive change in your life, I really hope you’ll enjoy being here.

If I could sum up this site in a few words, they would be: strong mind, self love and letting go. Mastering these three aspects will absolutely transform your life.

Strong mind = empowered thoughts (You can handle it ((whatever ‘it’ is))
Self Love = good enough (You are good enough right now, right where you stand in this moment)
Letting Go = releasing resistance (Accepting where you, who you are, and what has occurred up til now)

I started this site because my own energy healing journey, although certainly adventurous, was ripe with frustration, anxiety and, in the end, was an expensive one. I would go from one energy healing therapy to another desperately seeking improvement (hot topics were increasing financial abundance, finding my life purpose and letting go of anxiety and self doubt. You can read a little more about me here) but never experiencing long term change.

I also crossed paths with some not-so-ethical practitioners whose only real interest was their own greed. I mean no disrespect but energy healing therapy can attract its share of crack pots and con artists. It is my desire that you don’t fall victim to these soulless people.

I am so passionate about helping fellow life travellers release that awful, hideous-feeling thought pattern of ‘Not Good Enough.’ I am passionate about standing up for those who may have lost their way. Who may have struggled for years with dark and anxious thoughts. More than anything, I campaign for your self healing and self empowerment. I want this so much for you and others because I have travelled to the darkest places, never feeling like I was good enough, never feeling I fit into this world, believing the thought that life is good for other people but never for me.

energy healing therapy
Me & hubs in Chiang Mai where I studied Thai Massage

What you will find on this site is:

– Types of energy healing modalities
– How to change your life for the better
– How to deal with problems
– Natural healing methods
– Food and fitness for optimum wellbeing
– How to do meditation
– How to keep a level head with law-of-attraction teachings and
– How to create a life that you enjoy.


A pivotal point to note is what ever is happening with your energy isn’t something out of your control or something only a healer can change. Moment to moment, you have to ability to influence and shape your energy. Not understanding this is why any improvement experienced after an energy healing therapy session may be short-lived.

HOW is it that you can change and improve your energy? By being aware of, and mastering, that which no energy healer can access…… Your Mind.

energy healing therapy

WHAT is energy healing therapy?

Energy therapy, energy healing, energy medicine, or spiritual energy healing are all branches of alternate therapies based on a belief that practitioners can manipulate the energy of a client and effect a positive result. Types of energy healing can include: hands on methods like massage, hands-off methods like reiki and distance healing where the patient and healer are in different locations.

Why would someone seek it out? If you have made your way here, you may be seeking a solution, or improvement to something bothering you. You may want to change your life from negative to positive or need help dealing with a problem. Along your journey, you may have come across information that shifting or healing your energy is how you can manifest desires, effect positive change, or let go of emotional pain.

At the basis of all of this is a desire for happiness. The self improvement path can be confusing. There is so much information out there, some of it conflicting. The biggest trap I fell into on my energy healing path was that of magical thinking from law of attraction teachings. My entire focus had become about ‘getting into vibrational alignment’ and ‘feeling good’. It rendered me paralysed in many ways.

My intention for this website is to inspire you to develop strong, skillful ways of thinking, to develop empowered states of mind that doesn’t compromise your authenticity. You do not need to feel manically happy all the time or feel concern that you will attract something ‘unwanted’ by allowing yourself to honour what you feel.

energy healing


How To Navigate This Energy Healing Therapy Site

On the homepage, you will find multiple featured posts on subjects like dealing with problems, law of attraction, natural healing methods, how to change your life, spiritual healing etc. If you click on one of those posts, it will take you to the full article, however at the bottom of the post, you will find a whole stack of posts related to that topic. Alternatively, if you click on ‘categories’ you will find all of the energy healing therapy posts filed in its relevant category.

Everything I write about is genuine and honest. I have no ulterior motives. I don’t want to sell you anything.

We each have a unique path and your healing journey will be different to mine and vice versa. I will never, ever claim to have all the answers or promote that there is only one right way. Ever!

I am super excited at the prospect of sharing what I have learned with the hope it will save you time and frustration (and expense!) No matter what energy healing therapy you choose, if any, at the basis of it will be YOU.

Do you have questions or feel inspired to share your own healing journey? Have you successfully healed areas of your own life that you would like to express? Are you an energy healing practitioner that would like to share your perspective here or write an article? Please in touch!

Yours in healing,

Nat xo

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