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List Of Emotions: Use This For Shifting Your Energy & Perspective

In this post, I’ll share a list of emotions that you can use to help with shift your energy and perspective. You can do this by identifying your most dominant emotions and deliberately setting out to shift them if you determine they are not particularly helpful.

Your inner world influences your outer world and when you truly know this for yourself, paying attention to your thoughts and emotions becomes a good habit.

List of Emotions: What Are You Feeling Right Now?

list of emotionsWhatever you are feeling isn’t necessarily good or bad (for years, I judged myself harshly for feeling any negative emotion!) Emotions are simply energy and so whatever you are feeling is an indicator of your thoughts or a practiced thoughts over a period of time.

If What I’m Feeling Isn’t Good or Bad, Why Is There A Positive And Negative List Of Emotions?

Emotion in itself isn’t good or bad, right or wrong. Some emotions feel better than others. Emotions influence verbal communication, behaviour, decisions and actions which can lead to desirable or undesirable outcomes. In the age of law-of-attraction and manifestation, it can be easy to believe that you should never have a ‘negative’ emotion. The trap with this way of thinking is that you risk becoming ‘fake happy!’ and inauthentic. You also risk going into denial or putting your head in the sand. It can also be a stressful way to live.

The key with emotions is understanding that you have the ability to select which emotions you choose to feel for most of the time.  Your thoughts create your emotional responses and you can consciously train your mind to think in a way that evokes skilful management of your emotions.

Of course if something unexpected or unwanted occurs such as a health challenge, the passing of someone you love, or a divorce, then its perfectly natural and understandable to have an emotional response like fear, anxiety, sadness, grief, loss. The thing is, when you consciously allow yourself to fully feel your emotions, without labelling them, being consumed by them, or demanding you should feel differently, a raw beauty arises. It is hard to explain, instead of resisting, you fully open up and allow the sadness, the despair, the anguish. There is is space around the emotion, an authenticity. When you honour the tapestry of emotions, life is raw and beautiful and it seems the ‘negative’ ones don’t hang around.

There is a difference in allowing and feeling your emotions, and unconsciously letting them to consume them as if you have no control. You can allow yourself to feel all your emotions but ultimately you choose which ones form part of your character.

List of Positive and Negative Emotions:

Years ago, I came across a list of emotions like the one below and decided to take a brutally honest look at myself. I printed it off and circled the emotions that were dominant most of the time. It was challenging exercise. I had circled at least 15 words on the negative list, and about 3 on the positive list and those three weren’t dominant, they were fleeting. It broke my heart a little because I didn’t want to feel this way but they were my honest emotions.

However, they were practiced. They were the result of chronic negative thinking and with time, courage and commitment, I was able to change my practiced thoughts so that I shifted my emotions to the positive side. I don’t mean fake, ‘I’m in love with my life so much! I’m so abundant and happy! Things are working out for me!’ as they weren’t believable or even remotely true in that moment. I simply chose thoughts that were believable and more empowering, ‘I can handle this. I will get through. This will pass. It isn’t permanent. I take responsibility for where I am. I will create something better’.

list of emotions


An exercise like this can be confronting but it can also be liberating. Why did I feel the way I did? Mostly because I had had a stressful, chaotic life for a long time.

It can be confusing at first. On my energy healing path, some teachings encouraged that I allow my emotions but then this seemed in conflict with law of attraction teachings. That is, if my emotions are vibrations that are attracting back things that match its signal, then isn’t it bad to allow emotions like frustration, anger, guilt, regret, grief and shame? By allowing anxiety, won’t I exacerbate anxiety and attract more to be anxious about? (Further reading on my experience with anxiety here)

In my experience, there is a big difference between consciously allowing the emotion and unconsciously being consumed by emotion. When we are consumed by emotion, the mind is running the show. There is usually a story playing out. When you are conscious of your thoughts, YOU take charge of the mind and run the show. In the former there is a lack of awareness, in the latter there is total awareness. What I have learned is this: allow and move on. Observe but not be seduced. Watch, then deliberately choose.

These days I look at the list above and it is quite the opposite. I can honestly circle most of the emotions on the positive side with about 3-4 on the negative and those 3-4 are fleeting not dominant. How did I move there? Through learning the right knowledge in training my mind, as well as meditation (two of my fave free resources are The Here And Now E-Book and Meditation E-Course from Ananda Marga). This article on the 8 Myths of Emotions is also a great read.

It takes courage but are you willing to do the list of emotions exercise? What are your thoughts and experiences when it comes to allowing / shifting your emotions?

Yours in healing,

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