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Law of Attraction And Money: Waiting For Lotto? You May Croak Broke

Law of attraction and money is a hot topic. For many, creating financial freedom is one of primary motivators for learning and applying the law of attraction. Improved physical well being, career success and relationships are also typical but it is money that gets most people’s motor running on the law of attraction path.

The problem with the law of attraction and money is that many people have deeply ingrained beliefs on the subject. They don’t believe they can be truly rich. They don’t believe they’ll ever experience that incredible feeling where the money flowing in is insanely more than the money going out.

Then one day they watch The Secret or an Abraham Hicks clip on YouTube and feel an electrifying, hope-filled surge of energy that they CAN HAVE ANYTHING THEY WANT! They can have all the millions in the world!

So they set out visualising the sports car, the mansion, the designer lifestyle, all whilst failing to address the one thing that could stand in their way on their law of attraction and money manifestation adventure. Their beliefs.

Law of Attraction and Money: Do You Really Believe You Can Have It All?

And secondly, are you truly expecting it? Lastly, do you feel you deserve it?

These are important questions and worthwhile addressing. Ask them of yourself now. The reason being is you can be visualising all day every day but unless you truly believe, and expect, you can have the money you desire, things may be slow to change, if ever.

You can read more about that here. 

Using The Lottery For Law of Attraction and Money

Many people default to thinking about the lottery as a way of manifesting their millions. Understandable because for most, where else is this monumental gold mine going to come from?

There are no rich relatives waiting to leave a fortune if they croak. Their current job skill isn’t in the vicinity of making millions. Further, some of the highest paying jobs require years and year of tertiary education (and hard work) and wowsers, how unappealing! Law of attraction teachings are saying you can attract it just by constantly holding an image in your mind which sounds a hell of a lot easier than embarking on 5 years of full time study.  Where are the millions going to come from?

What is a way to become a millionaire overnight? The lottery of course. It is no wonder this is how most people on a law of attraction and money path think the lottery is the answer. And it does happen for some. Millionaires are made overnight. What a feeling! However, depending on the lottery played, the chances are shamefully slim. It is no wonder so many people who are on a law of attraction and money manifesting path die without even seeing the money they desire.

How does that make you feel? Honestly, here you are being told you can have everything you want and yet you may pass away never getting it. Is not my intention to be depressing. It is my intention to get you moving and living your life instead of passively sitting there kinda sorta hoping & wishfully thinking that tonight might be the night that your numbers are drawn.

I only know this because I did it myself for quite some time! And then it hit me one day that my numbers may never come and I could die without ever experiencing the millions. It was a gut wrenching feeling and a little soul destroying because I really desired more that what I was living! I felt sick in the stomach when I realised just how low the odds were of a lotto win. And that, if I don’t win the lotto, then how on earth is the money going to come? In my logical mind, I could not forsee any other avenue for money to make its way to me.

But I was wrong. For me, as it is with many people, wealth came over time, just not in one huge lump sum.

Law of Attraction and money: What Can you Do right now?

If you are like I once was, simply passively hoping a veritable fortune is going to miraculously appear overnight, you may be squandering your beautiful life away. Or, you may win, some people really do! Yes, it really could be you. However, noting the odds, it may very well not be either.

So, here is what I suggest when it comes to lotto, law of attraction and money. Continue to play to lottery. The old saying, you do have to be in it to win it.

However, as you are playing, open yourself up to receiving in a myriad of ways. Open to receiving open to receiving open to receiving. Make that your new manta. I am open to receiving. I am open to receiving incredible things in delightful ways. You want to be become someone who is open to receiving. You want to expect to receive. I don’t just mean the physical and material either. When you begin to really open to receiving, you receive ideas. You receive new thoughts. You receive inspiration. That’s when you buy your house at the perfect moment, just before market explodes. It’s when you get an idea for a product then follow through with action and it becomes a total hit.

It is this creative process of when the law of attraction and money comes into being and it is a beautiful and surprising and simply incredible thing to experience.

It is living, and living at it’s finest. And for a good part of it, the money isn’t there yet but because you are open to receiving, 1) it doesn’t matter because you are living from this beautiful space and 2) when it comes it is secondary to the state of being you have already created.

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