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Vibrational Energy Healing: How To Use It To Change Your Life

Can vibrational energy healing change your life for the better? I say yes. If you have a desire to learn vibrational energy healing well done, You. How you feel and what you believe affects what you experience. Regardless of where you are in your life, no matter how unpleasant, you can change it for the better. This is because your vibration, or what you think and feel, can be changed.

An Overview of Energy and Vibration

If you are new to understanding how energy affects your life experience, here is a quick summary. Everything seen and unseen is energy. Your thoughts and feelings are energy. You offer an energy to the world. Have you ever met someone and thought ‘they have good such a good vibe?’ Or conversely, known someone who ‘leaves you feeling drained’? You may not have consciously paid attention in the past but these are all exchanges of energy. The awesome news is your energy isn’t fixed. It changes depending on how you focus your mind.

Like attracts like so if you are negatively focused, you may notice that there is a continual stream of bad experiences even if you are a good person at heart. You can spend a lifetime being a victim, working too much, never having enough money or battling one negative experience after an other all through being oblivious to how your energy is affecting your experience.  Your thoughts and feelings influence your vibe. Vibrational energy healing means deliberately changing your vibration with the intention of changing your life for the better. (Further Reading: How To Raise Your Vibration: Fast Energy Alignment)

How Can You Tell How You’re Vibrating?

There are two ways to tell what is going on with your vibration. The first is your current conditions, or what you are experiencing right now (this is a reflection of past vibration) and the second is what you are feeling right now, a reflection of what is to come. How does this concept sit with you? Having been raised by very logical parents, opening up to energy and vibration was a stretch for me. If you are similar, apply Buddha’s philosophy: Don’t believe me, try it for yourself.

Begin to pay attention to how your mood affects your day. A few years ago, I did a 30 day experiment where I observed the effect that my mood had on how my day would unfold. After just one week into the experiment, I began to acknowledge that yes, there certainly could be truth to this talk of energy and vibration. After 30 days, I did not just believe in the power of vibration, I knew it.

What then, is Vibrational Energy Healing?

Vibrational energy healing encompasses all of the different modalities that are promoted to heal energy such as crystal healing, colour healing, sound healing, flower essences, reiki, essential oils or hands on healing modalities to name a few. Whilst energy healing modalities can definitely be effective in facilitating shifts in energy, they may not be successful long term unless you understand how your chronic patterns of thought influence your vibration.

For example, after a session with an energy practitioner, it is not uncommon for your vibration to revert to its previous frequency. This may be due to years of practiced thinking. This was true for me. I tried so many different energy healing modalities but lasting change did not occur until I became aware of, and changed, my inner dialogue.

Some energy healers promote that having a healing session on a regular basis and even taking vibrational medicine several times a day can remind your energy field of a desired, improved frequency. However, in my humble opinion, being aware of the chronic thought patterns that evoke negative emotion and investigating them is most beneficial for long-term improvement.

Vibrational Energy Healing In Practice

If you haven’t already, take some time to identify any resistant thought patterns.  It is not so much what you need to do to change your vibration but what you need to stop doing (releasing those resistant thoughts!)

To get an idea of the differences in vibration, you could make a list of what is working well in your life, or what brings you joy and happiness. Take a moment to acknowledge what it feels like to be in that energy. For me, it is my dogs. When I think of my puppies I feel such love. I have no practiced negative thoughts around them.

By acknowledging and appreciating what is working well in your life, you have a benchmark for what vibrational alignment feels like. This makes it easier to identify when you are resisting.

Next, and this what helped me the most, write a list of the things that evoke a negative emotional response like worry, anxiety or frustration. When I did my 30 day experiment, this was how I started off, and it was eye-opening! I asked myself, ‘What am I currently resisting, or saying no to?’ I had about 12 different things that evoked varying degrees of negativity. Things I didn’t consciously realise that I spent so much time focussed on.

Some of the things I was resisting: my job, aging, no life purpose, not feeling good enough and, the big one for me, constantly worrying about money. Once you have your list, take a moment to acknowledge the magnitude of what you have just done. It may sound theatrical, but this is a big moment! Most people go through life never fully understanding how their thoughts affect their life experience. You now have a list of things that may have been tripping you up vibrationally. You can now do something about it

You Have Your List, Now What?

So you now have an awareness of what subjects that evoke resistance. What do you do now? Firstly, relax. Take some comfort in Buddha’s wise words. Nothing is permanent. I know it can feel like you have been suffering for a long time but there can be an end to it.

The first thing you can do is make peace with what is rather than fight it. It doesn’t mean you simply resign yourself to a life of pain and discomfort. It means you accept what is present in this moment, all the while holding a quite determination and knowing that you will find a way to improve your life.

How Do You Clean Up Your Vibration?

There is one of two things you can do. One, stay off the subject that evokes resistance. That is, just don’t think about it. Or two, change how you think about it so that it evokes a different emotional response. I am a fan of the latter as the former can result in ‘head-in-the-sand’ denial.

Totally getting off the subject can work but in my experience it usually works for the things that really don’t bother you that much. For ‘bigger’ subjects like money, or relationships. even though you may ignore the subject, there can still be a resistant awareness present on some level.

Quick Story: When I began learning the law-of-attration I wanted to attract more money. My main feelings around money were worry, anxiety and lack. So I stopped talking about money in a negative way. I stopped constantly looking at my bank accounts. I would pay my bills with cheery optimism. However, money is subject that comes up daily! So, even though I stopped being so focused on money or so regimented with my budget (in ‘feeling abundant’ I would buy things that I couldn’t really afford in that moment, telling myself that ‘Yes, yes, yes, I am attracting abundance so I can afford it!’) there was still a feeling of worry and anxiety pulsating around the subject of money. Every time I would pull out my debit or credit card, the chronic, underlying vibration was evident. It was only when I faced my financial situation and developed an action plan that I felt good about did my vibration about money changed. This changed my entire relationship with abundance, allowing it to flow. (Related reading: Self Healing Techniques For Manifesting Abundance)

For more info on how to deal with problems, you may enjoy this post. You can learn the skill of vibrational energy healing. It is one of the most effective healing skills you can learn and will serve you well. What are you thoughts on changing your vibration? Have you experienced a change simply by changing how you feel about something?

Yours in healing,


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