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How To Raise Your Vibration Instantly: Fast Energy Alignment

Wanting to learn how to raise your vibration is something that often comes up on the energy healing path. This is typically because somewhere on the path you come across law of attraction teachings or teachings on the power of vibration. Im going to assume if you are searching for information about how to raise your vibration you already have an understanding of why someone would be interested in energy and vibration. (If this is all new to you, please check out this post for more info.)

According to law of attraction teachings, vibration is simple. You can tell what is going on with your energy by the way you feel, or the thoughts you are thinking in the moment. Sometimes, you may not even have a specific thought pattern going on but you may be feeling negative emotions like overwhelm or anxiety. This is your ‘default’ vibration.  Most people go about their day with their default vibration running the show.

My default vibration for many many years was anxiety, restlessness and overwhelm. It would fluctuate of course; worry, stressful tension, frustration and occasionally moments of joy, contentment and appreciation. However most days I would wake up and feel the pulsating presence of tension and overwhelm. I usually didn’t have a specific reason or issue at hand, it was just how I generally felt most of the time.

This type of energy never felt good. I can’t honestly say I have ever felt fabulous when I have been in a state of anxiety yet I stayed there in that energetic pattern for so much of my life! Why would I do that? Primarily because it was present so often it became ‘normal’. Furthermore because I felt like I couldn’t do anything about it and I was simply stuck with it. I was wrong about this. I cannot speak for everyone but I can say with absolute honesty that with practice, I was eventually able to get a handle on my energy and consciously raise my vibration to better feeling places. This practice eventually changed my default vibration from rushed and anxious to contented, joyful and sometimes, deep blissful appreciation.

How To Raise Your Vibration Instantly.

Is it possible to raise your vibration instantly? Possibly, but like mastering any skill it takes practice. How? Well these days, I can be in a state of worry or anxiety and simply by sitting down somewhere quiet, doing deep breathing and acknowledging what I am feeling, I can quickly release what ever I may be resisting and move back to a state of inner peace and contentment. I couldn’t do that at first. I wasn’t practiced enough in shifting energy, or heavy thoughts, to be able to move from depression to joy in one hit. It was a gradual process of deliberately moving up the emotional scale.

Side Note: Make sure you check out these posts (Climbing the Emotional Guidance Scale – When You Just Go ‘Ah F*K it!’ and Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale – Move Up or Move on?) on moving up the emotional scale. Although Abraham teach not to look at reality unless you like it, if you loose yourself in their teachings it can be a recipe for totally losing touch with reality and an opening for all types of pesky problems. It’s worthwhile noting this!

The more time you spend deliberately noticing how your thoughts affect your feelings and doing something about them (rather than running on auto-pilot), the more skilled a practitioner you will become. There are other changes you can make that will support your intention to raise your vibration. These may or may not resonate with you as we are all different and our paths are unique.

So, yes you can raise your vibration instantly but it takes time and dedicated practice. In the beginning, it is usually a gradual process of gently shifting your emotions up the emotional scale.

Some tips you can try for yourself as you learn how to raise your vibration.

Do more of this in the next 24 hours and see if you notice any difference:

  • Eat clean. For one day, go on a processed food detox and eat as raw and fresh as possible. Consider a fresh juice or smoothie with brekkie. Go for a veggie wrap for lunch and finish off with wholesome veg soup or salad for dinner. For snacks, go for some carrots or celery with hummus or a raw snack bar (check out these sexy, no-guilt treats!) Fresh fruit and veg are awesome vibration-increasing foods. What you eat can play a big role in your energy. It can affect how you feel physically. The better you feel physically the better you will feel emotionally and spiritually.
  • Get moving. Outdoors if possible. If you aren’t a fan of running, go for a walk or a hike. Somewhere that lifts your spirit. Moving has to ability to ‘burn off’ low vibrations and raise your vibration to higher frequencies. It is rare for me to go to the beach feeling worried and stressed out and to leave in the same emotional place. 9 times out of 10 being in nature will help release resistance and shift your energy to a better place.
  • Visualise. Do you still have dreams? Or have you given up on them? This is a big question to ask yourself. It truly is never to late to realise your dreams. I was in my 40’s when I began to allow my dreams to blossom after giving up on believing I could ever have them. Spend some time reigniting your dreams, imagining the things you want that you may have consciously or unconsciously decided you cannot have. You can have what you want. Start flowing some energy to your most sacred desires.
  • Be present and breath deeply. So much time can be wasted stuck in your head. Most of the time it is not constructive thinking, but undisciplined, unhelpful thinking. Every time you notice yourself lost in thought, take a deep breath and say ‘I am here’. Feel the difference deep breathing makes. If you are worried about something and you don’t have a solution, remind yourself you don’t have the answer right now and put it aside. “I don’t have the answer or the solution so I’m going to let this go for now”.  I would often replay petty stuff that would happen at work. I finally realised how ridiculous it was to give some clown who upset my day even more of my precious life by continually thinking about them hours or days later. Be choosy with your thoughts and only entertain the very best.
  • Treat yourself. Take a whole day off. Give yourself some ‘you’ time. It might mean stepping outside your comfort zone and asking for help to watch children or juggle some other responsibility. Taking a whole day where you can go for coffee at your leisure or indulge in a massage will give you a taste of pure alignment. This is what you are aiming for every day.
  • Walk away from negativity. If someone tries to draw you into a negative or toxic conversation, politely move the subject to a more positive direction or onto something else entirely. If they keep trying to draw you back into negatively respectfully excuse yourself.

I’m not a huge fan of the old ‘don’t do this, don’t do that’ lecture but if there are things that I found counter productive when it came to learning how to raise your vibration these are it:

  • Alcohol. Too much of it will definitely affect your vibration. And it can be a nasty cycle. I would drink too much on a Friday night in order to escape from the stress I’d carry during the week only to wake up feeling like total crap Saturday. Then I’d do little all day but eat junk.
  • Fatty or Junky Foods: Please, I am not shoving my vegan opinions on you but I can honestly say hand on my heart that eliminating animal products from my diet changed my energy BIG time. I didn’t know just how crap I was feeling until I gave it all up. I was blown away by how incredibly good I felt by changing my eating habits. And because I had had such a dysfunctional relationship with food for most of my life going vegan instantly eliminated a lot of my bad habits! Plus it’s kinder for the animals and the planet.
  • Toxic people. You may work with them, live with them, or have to see them on occasion but really try to limit your exposure to negative people until you are so skilled in managing your energy that you can be around them and still feel fabulous. I had trouble with this because I felt like I was selfish by taking care of myself first. Until you can be around someone and maintain your balance, stay away from them. What if you live with them? That’s for another post:)
  • Cease doing anything that you are doing that is mucking up your energy! How will you know if something isn’t good for you? You’ll feel it. I never felt good when I was emotional eating. Nor did I feel good when I was binge drinking when I was younger. I knew deep down the things I needed to change. If you can be honest with yourself, which takes courage, you too will know what current habits will be worthwhile changing.

When it comes to learning how to raise your vibration, the two biggest tips I can give are these:

  1.  Attitude really is everything. It doesn’t mean fake, positive thinking but strong, empowered thinking. This post on positive self talk explains further.
  2. Don’t wait for conditions to be a certain way before your willing to say that you are abundant or life is good or things work out for you. One thing I learned when I did my Yes experiment, was that I was seriously lacking in appreciation.

Practicing how to raise your vibration can be frustrating if you’re too attached to LOA teachings. For me, I took my mind off manifestations and worked on becoming a better human being. Please be patient and be gentle with your beautiful self. Keep on going, its all working out.

Do you have questions about how to raise your vibration? Or comments? I’d love to hear from you.

Yours in healing.


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  1. Nat, thanks for this. Don’t wanna scare you, but so much of what you write refers to my life that we could be twins! Please, please feel free to contact me ’cause I’m not quite clear on how to proceed in shifting my energies now that I’ve made my list of joys vs. frustrations. I do have a terrific counsellor, but due to financial constraints I can’t see her right now. Help a sister out!!!

    1. Hey soul sister! Tbh, I am shocked you found my site! Thanks so much for the connection Carolyn xo So I’m not a counsellor but a pivotal point in my journey was an experiment I did, gosh almost 7 years ago. 30 Days of Yes. One morning as I sat at the kitchen table, a blob of misery, I looked up at the ceiling and said I’m so sick of this! Why am I like this?! I had this very clear block of thought pop into my mind. ‘Resistance is your problem.’ Long story short, I decided to say yes to everything for 30 days. Not necessarily to love it, but to accept whatever arose. To start off the experiment, I wrote down everything that I was currently resisting. I was honestly shocked to realise there was quite a bit that I had really negative feelings about that I hadn’t previously realised. At that stage I knew quite little on energy/law of attraction so it was eyeopening to realise just how often I spent in states of worry/anxiety which was pretty much ‘normal’. The experiment changed my life. It helped me make peace with conditions that were present that I had been feeling negative about. It helped me see how I would react rather than respond. It didn’t ‘fix’ me completely, but it did set me on a path that I am so thankful for. By the third week I manifested a big location move to a very healing coastal town. Moving wasn’t even on my horizon.

      So, Lovely, with that list of frustrations of yours, are you able to say yes to them? It doesn’t mean that you have to simply endure them or put up with them, simply to acknowledge that how you feel that way/the frustrating conditions are here. When you make peace it can help take some of the sting out of how you feel about them. One of my biggest hurdles was when I really wanted a condition to change, or to manifest a particular desire, but didn’t know what to do to change it/manifest it. In those times, I made peace with the fact I didn’t yet have an answer but trusted I would. For other things, I would simply do what I could ever day. Do you meditate? Because that too is hugely beneficial. I hope some of this is helpful! Love from my heart to yours. Nat xo

    2. Also, with your lists, did writing them give you awareness of the difference in vibrations betweeen joy and frustration? Sorry if it sounds super logical! The idea behind it is to really practice getting a feel between the different vibrations, with the goal being to shift the energy around the frustrations. How do we do that? I’ll never say it’s easy (at first!) but this is where mastering your inner dialogue comes in. Finding a way to release resistance around the frustration. If you have an example you want to see if I can help with, get in touch. My email is xo

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