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How To Do Meditation: Easy Meditation Techniques

Please teach me how to do meditation (and commit to a regular practice!) were my words at an abundance retreat many years ago. At first, I wanted to learn how to do meditation to find some peace from my exhausting stressful thoughts. Then I was intrigued when I discovered that meditation could help raise my vibration and manifest my desires.

Learning (and practicing) how to do meditation doesn’t always come easy. Even though you know deep down this simple practice is good for you (just like eating well and exercising) you might find yourself making excuses to avoid doing it.

Learn How To Do Meditation And Keep Doing It For Good

You don’t need to commit hours each day to your meditation practice. The last thing you need when you already feel time poor is another chore on your already bulging to-do list.

The trick to longevity is making meditation practice something that you genuinely look forward to.  Just like a facial at the day spa, or Friday night cocktails. So lets take a look at some techniques so that you’re practically panting to get to your sacred place:)

Easy Meditation Technique Tip 1:

Make your practice flexible. Meditation books will often recommend that you have a dedicated meditation space. However if, for example, in the dead of winter you will more likely hit the snooze button than leave the warmth of your bed to trot off to your meditation room, then give yourself permission to meditate in bed. Some will say this is a big no-no (to this and possibly all the tips here) but if your practice is to simply quieten your mind and settle your energy, meditating in bed is better than going back to sleep. Whatever gets you to do it, then do that even if it is not traditional.

Easy Meditation Technique Tip 2:

Make your practice comfortable. People give up on fitness programs all the time for the simple reason they do not enjoy it. If your meditation practice is painful, it is unlikely you will continue to do it. Choose a position that is comfortable and that are happy to be in for an extended time.

I meditate either sitting in a chair or I lay on the massage table fully flat with my arms by my side. My POV is that unless I am choosing to follow a particular practice which requires me to rigid, then what I use meditation for (relaxation, releasing resistance and energy alignment) has no need for unnecessary discomfort. When you first come to meditation, it is possible that your life is painful enough. The last thing you need is another thing that hurts. You want to enjoy your meditation practice, not dread it.

Easy Meditation Technique Tip 3:

Make your practice short, sharp and snappy. In the beginning anyway. Aim for 5 minutes morning and night for the first week or two. As you train yourself to feel good about your meditation practice, it will be easy to practice for longer. By setting a small, non-painful goals that you know you can achieve, not only is it easy to get motivated, but 9 out of 10 times you will exceed the goal.

If you are just learning how to do meditation and you believe that you must meditate for hours every day, you may end up resisting it. If you set a goal of just five minutes, it will be achievable. You might even find that when your timer goes off after five minutes, you genuinely want to ontinue for longer.

Easy Meditation Technique Tip 4:

Be kind and patient with yourself. You might be one of the lucky peeps who find easy to meditate straight away. Or (like me) you might have such an active mind it feels like no progress is being make whatsoever. Before you begin meditating, give yourself permission to allow whatever arises with no judgment. If your mind does not want to settle or you cannot reign it in, it is what it is. Allow it to be. Continue to return to your breathing, scan your body for muscle tension and let go.

Like most things, consistency will be your best friend. It can be tempting to give up when you feel you’re getting no where but please don’t quit! Find a way that appeals to your ‘What’s in it for me?’ side. There is soooo much is in it for you!

For a really simple meditation technique, please download the free Here and Now E-Book. I love this book. This is the meditation technique that I use and it works.

There is something else really worthwhile remembering: Your energy and vibration is with you all day every day! So whilst it is awesome to meditate once or twice a day, remember to continue to pay attention to how you are feeling as often as possible as you go about your day. When you do this, it is like you are meditating no matter where you are.

To yours in healing


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