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How To Change Your Life For The Better: Quickly AND Painlessly

Are you wanting to learn how to change your life? Eeeexceelllllent. Anyone can make a change in their life but you really want to learn is how to change your life for the better.  Otherwise, it’s a case of different places, different faces, and before long, the same old steaming pile of unhappiness. Learning How to Change Your Life For the Better…. this, fellow life traveller, is where it’s at.

The trick to changing your life to something better comes down to this: Change your energy (vibration). Change this first and then the right actions, right people, right conditions will follow. You can begin making positive change right now. Nothing in your world needs to change before you can start making positive change because you have access to faculties of your mind. This is where your journey to positive change begins.

Energy? Vibration? Sounds A Bit Trippy, Love!

Yes, I agree, it does sound a bit trippy, however all we’re talking about here is learning how to use your extraordinarily powerful mind in a way that benefits you. Many peeps inadvertently use their most powerful tool against themselves.

Question: Why are you searching for information on how to change your life? I remember when I was searching for this very same information years ago, it was because I was unhappy with where I was. Being unhappy with where you are is a perfectly valid reason for wanting to change your life. But. There is a glitch you can trip you up (it tripped me up!) The glitch is, thinking: ‘I need the conditions of my life to change first (more money, new job, new car, new lover etc) before I can finally be happy’.

The problem with the ‘I’ll be happy when….’ trap is that you are not happy now, and life (or law of attraction) is responding to you now. Whatever you believe to be true is what you will keep experiencing. So if you believe ‘life is hard and nothing works out for me’, you will continue to see evidence of that until you change your belief. Even if talk of law-of-attraction isn’t your cup of tea, you are where you right now.

Everything in the world, seen and unseen, is energy. Your body is energy, your thoughts are energy, your emotions are energy. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are a sending out vibes every moment. These vibes are drawing back into your life people, places and things that match it. 

How To Change Your Life From Negative to Positive Using Energy.

If you are serious about changing your life for the better, consider the possibility that you can simply by changing your energy first. You change your energy by changing your thinking. I cannot stress how important this is.  If this information is new to you, it may sound completely bogus. Please don’t be too quick to right if off.  Understanding your mind and learning how to use it skilfully in order to effect change isn’t a belief system. It is something that legitimately gets results and you can put to the test yourself.

Recap: It is one hundred percent possible to change your life for the better. The first step is learning how to master your inner dialogue (think the right way). Thinking the right way will change your energy. Changing your energy will change what you draw into your life.

Taking Action Without Changing Energy.

What happens if you make a change (e.g. move house, change jobs) without changing your energy first? It may very well lead to lasting happiness and if so, woot woot, pop the champagne! But what often happens is the initial happiness you feel is short-lived and, before long, the same discontentment that was present before making the change becomes present again. Have you ever experienced this? I did for years with changing jobs. I’d feel happy for a few months and then the same discontent and problems I had in the old job would arise again. There is a an old saying: Where ever you go you take yourself with you. And you take your energy with you so you will keep experiencing the same thing until you change whats going on inside of you.

Is It Simply A Case Of Positive Thinking?

Positive thinking is an excellent tool for making change but for it to be successful you have to be an authentic positive thinker.

Quick Story: When I began learning about the power of thought I tried slapping shiny, happy words over my misery and it didn’t work. For example: “My life is filled with success and abundance!” I would squawk every morning, smiling moronically at myself in the mirror. “No it’s f*ing not! You’re working three jobs and sporting a home haircut!” would be the rebuttal. Even general statements like ‘Things are working out for me” felt like taking a bullet because deep down it felt like things were not working out at all. I was repeating all the right words but they were ineffective because I was so angry and so resistant to where I was. What is the solution? How did I make positive, long lasting change? I had to stop being so pissed off at my circumstances and make peace with where I was so that the positive words were believable and effective. Once I did that, I started to attract more money, better relationships, more fun, different experiences and the rest just flowed.

Change may not come easy at the start. It takes practice and commitment but you can get to a place where your current circumstances are not dictating your energy. Your emotions are like a GPS. They are your guide to understanding what you are doing with your energy, telling you where you are headed. So, you learn to think more positive but in a way that is also authentic, believable and empowering. ‘I’m not where I want to be right now, but I’ve got this. I’ll keep moving forward. Yep things are pretty f*ked, but you know what? I can handle this. I am strong. I am resilient. And I will change my life for the better. Lots of people go through hard times only to make something of their life. Lots of people achieved success after dark times. Everything is temporary and so are these circumstances.  I am going to do what it takes to not only manage it, but change it to something amazing’. This is not at all being negative, caught in self-pity or blame, nor is it fake or unbelievable. Making peace with where you are is a huge step in changing your energy.

How To Change Your Life In Action

Learning how to change your life takes courage. It can mean taking a serious look at things you may be doing that are unskillful or unhelpful. It definitely means taking responsibility rather than blaming. It can mean walking away from some people. It will probably mean stepping outside your comfort zone. It will definitely mean a change in the way you think.

Whatever you decide you need to do, do so with a spirit of optimism. Often change is associated with doing something you don’t want to do. There is a heavy, resistant energy present. You want to change your body shape but getting sweaty is painful (and so is the garden salad:) But you drag yourself off to they gym hating every minute of it. With this type of action, there is a feeling of negativity within the action and while that remains, the action will forever feel like hard work. It is unlikely to be effective long term. Energetic alignment with your action is what you are wanting to achieve. In other words, you find a way to feel positive about what you are doing and feel good about doing it. How do you do that? It may mean doing 10 burpees rather than 50. It may mean jogging for 2 minutes and walking for 2 minutes rather than smashing out a 5km run when you’re not ready for it. Attitude is everything and alignment is a moment to moment thing.

But What Exactly Should I DO In Order to Change My Life?

Only you know if there are things that you can do right now that will affect a positive change. What are you feeling negative about right now? Sometimes we cannot do, right now in this very moment, what we really want to do (quit that job) and this is where I can say with certainty that in these circumstances the only thing you can do is work on your inner dialogue.

Search the internet and you will find lots of suggestions on how to change your life.

  • Eat healthy
  • Exercise
  • Live in the present moment
  • Set goals
  • Step outside your comfort zone
  • Meditate
  • Start your business idea
  • Put yourself out there

I love these suggestions and all them are excellent. They are positive and effect positive change. I just really, really, really want to do a sales job on you that at the very basis of all of those action-based suggestions, is understanding of the power of your energy and vibration. 

Recap: Your very first step in mastering how to change your life from negative to positive is understanding how your thoughts are affecting your life experience. Make peace with where you are. Then move forward to where you want to be.

What are your thoughts and experiences with making positive change? Please feel welcome to share any tips you may have on how to change your life for the better.

Yours in healing,


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