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Hello Mind Visualization – Can You Help Me Change My Life?

Hello gorgeous being. Mind visualization is a powerful tool that you can learn in order to create positive change in your life. I can personally vouch for the benefits of mind visualization as I have used it to not only manifest desires but also change habits that weren’t good for me. Habits such as over-eating, social awkwardness and performance anxiety.

What Is Mind Visualization?

Mind visualisation is using the power of your thoughts to create mental images or pictures. These images can become so strong and familiar that they manifest in real life. The secret to getting mind visualisation to work is consistency and a spirit of ease. Some people fear that because they are not good at using their imagination then they will not be able to get creative visualisation to work for them. But if you can conjure the image of simple things like a cup of steaming coffee or red rose, then you can be successful in mind visualization. Furthermore, if you buy into the law of attraction (I do, to a degree), then the power isn’t so much in holding pictures in your mind, but rather the feeling you have as you are visualising.

Why Do Mind Visualization?

For many, the primary motivation to do mind visualisation is to create change by manifesting a desired outcome (physical object or performance based goal.) I have used mind visualization to do both. However, mind visualisation can also be for changing aspects of your personality or demeanour.

Quick story: When my deployment came to an end, I knew that I would be formally farewelled in front of a large audience (an introverts worst nightmare!!) Even worse, I knew I was going to have to say a few words too. I knew myself well enough to know I’d probably look something like this: shoulders hunched, nervous awkward smile, eyes darting around the room… my whole demeanour screaming get me the f’k out of here! So I decided to put mind visualization to the test. For the few days prior to the farewell, before I went to sleep I visualised standing in front of everyone head high, comfortable to be in the spotlight, deep breathing, eyes front. I pictured myself appreciating the kind words I knew would be said about me (no one gets told they’re a shit fight even if they were! I imagined authentically, honestly, expressing my appreciation for the experience, maybe cracking a joke, a paradox of confident yet humble yet a little cheeky as I am when I allow people to see the real me. I imagine my heart beating steady, my breathing slow and deep. Comfortable with the attention.

So how did it go? Whilst I doubt I’ll ever win public speaking prizes, it went pretty awesome!  And whilst I doubt I’ll ever be comfortable with attention, or enjoy being up in front of people, I did speak slowly, clearly and even managed some well received jokes haha.  The heart racing, well I haven’t mastered that automatic nervous response but I was able to consciously slow my breathing and talk slower than usual. I still didn’t enjoy it but I was a hundred times better than previous times I have had to stand up and talk in front of people.

How To Do Mind Visualization:

The way I practice mind visualisation is pretty simple.

– Find a quite space where you will not be disturbed (my fave time is just before I am dosing off to sleep at night)

– Take a few deep breathes and consciously relax any area of your body that is tense (I often hold tension in around my eyes, my shoulders, and strangely, my legs). Release any tension and continue to breathe deeply.

– Now just picture what it is you want. But more so, how you will feel as you have what you want.

Note: If you are feeling a straining or forcing it is possible you are trying too hard and possibly focussed too specifically. Relax, visualisation should be enjoyable. Some say you will get so good at visualising that you don’t care whether what you want manifests or not. WhatI do know, is you reach a point where you become so focussed on your inner landscape that you don’t need the manifestation in order to feel content. The trick is not to feel shitty or unhappy whilst you don’t have it. It is often our attention on the ‘lack of’ that keeps what we want from coming into our experience. That’s been my experience anyways.

What are your thoughts and experiences with mind visualization?

Yours in healing,


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