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Energy Healing Practitioners: How To Find The Right Healer

When it comes to energy healing practitioners, it is important to find a healer that is a good fit for you. It is worthwhile learning what to look out for and what questions to ask as energy healing practitioners differ in skill set, modalities & practice.

Along my energy healing journey, I have crossed paths with some absolutely amazing healers. Unfortunately, I also met unethical practitioners with very little skill other than lining their pockets.

If you are like me (and believe that just because you are honest and good everyone else is the same) you may be susceptible to being taken advantage of. Don’t worry though, we’ll take a look at what you can do to ensure you find the best energy healer for you.

Questions To Ask Potential Energy Healing Practitioners Before Making An Appointment

Often, when people come to energy healing they aren’t in a great place. This can leave them vulnerable to being taken advantage of. It is good to ask questions to ensure you will be taken good care of. Most energy healers are kind, caring people with high integrity and will welcome your questions.

Here are some questions you can ask a potential healer.

  • What energy healing modalities do you practice? This provides an opportunity to assess the energy practitioners confidence as they explain their practice.
  • What can I expect in a session?
  • Does the session involve massage? Often some type of massage may be performed during energy healing and it is worthwhile to ensure the practitioner is properly trained in order to avoid injury.
  • How long have you been an energy healer? Bear in mind that years of practice does not necessarily equate to the highest level of skill.
  • Have you had formal training? Not all energy healers will have formal training as it is a gift they are born with or is cultivated by a family member. However, many will and it is perfectly acceptable to ask about their qualifications.
  • How long will an energy healing session be?
  • And, of course, how much a healing cost? Like Years of Experience, the highest price does not always guarantee the best.

Appraising Your Energy Healer

You won’t know until after an energy healing session as to whether it went well or not. With respect to your healing session, a good healer generally will not partake in the following:

  • Will not use scare tactics or fear mongering
  • Will not make outrageous claims or promise they can cure you of serious injuries/illnesses
  • Will not encourage you to cease seeing other medical/psychological professionals
  • Will not apply unnecessary pressure for you to return
  • Will not encourage you to depend on them
  • Will not constantly be selling to you

If your practitioner does any of these things, it may be a red flag. What are the signs that you have found a good healer? Your healer will demonstrate the following:

  • Will have a quiet, clean and comfortable healing space
  • Will listen more than they talk
  • Will explain what you can expect during a healing session
  • Will obtain your consent before treating you
  • Will encourage and educate that your power is within
  • Will walk their talk (i.e. positive and encouraging)
  • Will feel right to. Trust your intuition.

Word of mouth is also another helpful tool when deciding on energy healing practitioners. There are so many different types of energy healing. Some will resonate with you and some will not. What I discovered, as time went by, I no longer needed healing. It doesn’t mean you stop going, it’s just that your intentions shift. You go simply because you can. It’s a beautiful place to be.

Are you an energy healing practitioner? If you feel inspired, please share your thoughts and experiences about how to find the right energy healer.

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