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Energy Healing Grounding Method: Paltrow Slammed for ‘Earthing’

So energy healing grounding method is an actual thing! It is called ‘Earthing’. Gwenyth Paltrow was slammed recently for “ridiculously” suggesting that it can cure depression (You can read the Fox News article here). I personally feel the article was a tad harsh. I don’t know much about Gwyneth’s website but I do know that I am a fan of earthing.

Whether it can permanently cure depression, of that I am unsure, but I regularly use this energy healing grounding method as a way to release resistance and let go of stress and tension. And it isn’t new either. Richard Gere was earthing in Pretty Woman all those years ago! That movie was waaaaaay ahead of its time:)

What Exactly Is This Energy Healing Grounding Technique Called Earthing?

In short, earthing is walking around barefoot on the grass. However it is so much more than that.

energy healing grounding According to the article on Paltrows website GOOP, “Earthing therapy rests on the intuitive assumption that connecting to the energy of the planet is healthy for our souls and bodies.”

“Several people in our community (including Gwyneth Paltrow) swear by earthing — also called grounding — for everything from inflammation and arthritis to insomnia and depression.”

The Fox News article is sarcastic of GOOPs promotion of this energy therapy healing grounding technique and that may be because it makes health claims. Or perhaps the writer just doesn’t jive with GOOPs new-agey vibe. However, my view is earthing is not at all harmful and, unlike many energy healing methods, it doesn’t cost a cent.

Like I always say, the success of any energy healing method depends on how you feel about it. If you do earthing feeling silly or think that it is of no help, you will likely yield little benefit from it. Or if you are walking around on the grass but your mind is still carrying dark and resistant thoughts, it won’t be as effective if you are consciously, mindfully connecting with the earth with the intention of shifting your energy.

The best way to do earthing is by being present in the moment. You do not need to do any longwinded process. Just be mindful as your feet connect with the earth and affirm that all tension and strife is being released and replaced by the healing vibes of the earth. Some companies sell Earthing Sandals which are supposed to connect you back to the earth. And help you feel like you are barefoot. I think I’ll just stick with going barefoot but if you have a earthing sandals let me know what you think of them!

I love the feeling of the grass under my bare feet. Especially when I was wearing heavy boots all day! It was the most delicious feeling to shake off those heavy mofos and rest my feet in the soothing grass. Walking on the beach or splashing your feet in the sea or a fresh water pool is also just as beneficial. Anything that connects you with nature is a winner if you ask me:)

Have you done any of these types of energy healing grounding techniques?What are you thoughts on them? Please feel welcome to share.

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