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Energy Healing 101: Avoid This Nasty Trap On your Healing Path

Are you feeling stuck on the old energy healing 101 path? That is, trying just about every energy healing modality under the sun and achieving little long-term improvement? I’d love to share a pesky little trap I fell into and one you can avoid, saving time, money and angst.

Most people who seek out energy healing therapy do so because something is troubling them and, somewhere along the line, they have learned that healing their energy is the answer (Related reading: Best Treatment For Healing A Stressful Life)

Energy Healing 101: The (Unintentional) Laziness Trap

I cringe a little when I think about the money I spent on energy healing therapy and trying to improve my life.  I would never discourage anyone from seeking out an energy healer or any practitioner if help is needed. My thing was, I would jump from one healing modality to another without ever making a permanent change. A trap I fell into was being lazy. I wanted to improve my life for the better but rather than do what only I could do (change my inner dialogue), it was easier to fork out a hundred or two hundred dollars (it can quickly add up) for someone to do it for me.

There are many energy healing therapies out there which have potential to create a positive change in your life. The problem is, relief is often temporary. Why? In my own experience, I expected the healer to make me better without any real effort on my part. No healer can access your mind. Only you can control what goes on up there. What goes on up there directly affects your energy.

Another thing to watch out for. The majority of energy healers have good intentions and genuinely want to help people change their life for the better. However, don’t be fooled. There are people out there that, whether they do it knowingly or have convinced themselves otherwise, who will do anything for money. Even when researching for this website, I came across sites that, in my opinion, are completely unethical. Making claims like ‘instantly and permanently’ heal physical and/or emotional pain, activate financial abundance and ‘get rich now’, and ‘manifest your soul mate today’. How do you feel about these types of claims?

My Energy Healing 101 Tip: Avoid the (unintentional) laziness trap. When you feel exhausted, depressed, frustrated, even hopeless, it is easy to think ‘I’ll just pay the $150 for someone to heal me’. If you want to heal your energy and heal your life, it all begins with you.  (Related reading: Types of Energy Healing: What Is The Best Healing Modality?)

It’s Hard to Heal When You Neeeeed Healing

There is something else worthwhile sharing. The teachings of Abraham-Hicks (which are based around vibration and the law-of-attraction) address the subject of healing.

They say that when you seek out healing, often the healing is unsuccessful because what is most active in your vibration is a strong awareness of what is wrong. The law-of-attraction is responding to whatever is most active in your vibration and this is why you continue to experience more of what you don’t want. What are your thoughts on this?

Whilst I’m no longer an ‘Aber’, I can see the evidence of this concept in my own life. For years I carried a pulsating anxiety, unhappiness and despair that I took from healing to healing. Any relief I received didn’t last. For me personally, it was addressing the cause of my negative emotions (my inner dialogue) that helped me heal my life. Once I changed how I looked at the world, the conditions of my life changed with my new attitude.

Abraham-Hicks say that when you focus on ‘what is’ (the current, manifested circumstances of you life) and only offer your energy based on ‘what is’ (if its stuff that makes your heart sing, thats no problem!) then things will be slow to change, if at all.

Sometimes I re-read what I write about on this site and think ‘omg this really does sound like load of mumbo jumbo!’ I think of what my military comrades would be saying if they read this!  Energy? Vibration? It does sound way out and ridiculous. None of this energy stuff was ever explained in my home growing up. But, hand on my heart, this worked for me. Changing my thoughts changed my life. Understanding energy changed my life. I have honestly been able to create a beautiful life experience after years and years of creating a stressful, exhausting, and sometimes despairing life.

What has been your experience on the energy healing 101 path? Any tips or comments you feel with benefit others, please share below.

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