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Aura Reading: Tips For A Successful Reading And Long-Term Happiness

Hello Gorgeous. I  feel inspired to write about aura reading today because a family member recently asked me if I had ever had my aura read. Before I answered I asked why she wanted to know. She relayed to me that her best friend ‘had her aura read today and said I should do the same because it was amazing!’

I asked what made it amazing and after a moment of contemplation she replied, ‘because you find stuff out about yourself’.

This really resonated with me. When I was younger, I believed that there were people (like pyschics and healers) who knew things about me that I didn’t and could access information that I couldn’t. I had many a time paid to have an aura reading or soul reading because I wanted to know something (usually it revolved around marriage, children, work and money) or receive guidance on what to do.

It is not uncommon to seek out a service like this to heal some sort of dissatisfaction present in your life or to obtain reassurance that what you truly want will come your way. To be told, ‘Yes, you can and will have that’.  At the heart of it, for most people seeking out an aura reading or psychic reading, is a desire to feel better.

Furthermore, you may have read, like I did, things like ‘your chakras and aura could be blocked’ and so it is  logical to believe, ‘well yes! A blockage must be why things aren’t working out so great right now!’  It explains why things are out of whack and so if I can see someone about getting them unblocked, then all will be well. (Just in case you are yet to discover this, you can ‘unblock’ them yourself. More news that to follow.)

What Can An Aura Reading Help With?

An aura reading advertisement may offer that an aura reading can help you with:

  • Career and work
  • Relationships, your love life & attracting your soulie
  • Money and clearing blocks around abundance
  • Health issues & restoring well-being
  • Life purpose, skills & abilities
  • Emotional  issues & pain from the past
  • Low self-esteem & feeling powerless
  • Feeling blocked, overwhelmed or stuck

When you read something like this, there may be a strong pull to pick up the phone and book straight in! I know when I read such an advertisement, the desire to obtain clarity and improve my life was totally intoxicating. On a list like the one above, I’d have at least 5 of those areas needing a big overhaul.

If you feel the same, my plan here is to share what you might expect to experience during an aura reading, as well as to set you up for success for beyond your reading.

What Happens In An Aura Reading?

In a face-to-face reading, you may experience something similar to the following:

  • A quiet, serene room and environment. Soft music, essential oils, a warm and inviting space
  • The practitioner will probably radiate a sense of calm, care, non judgement and confidence
  • You may be asked to provide a piece of jewellery but this is more prevalent in psychic readings rather than aura readings
  • The practitioner may not look directly at you, but past you and around you
  • You will be told dominant colours in your aura, what they mean, how you can use this understanding to your advantage
  • You may also be told about blockages, or colours that signify impediments
  • If you are having an aura reading by distance you will usually be asked to provide a photograph.

How Much Will An Aura Reading Cost?

An aura reading can be anywhere from free of charge to thousands of dollars depending who the practitioner is. The most I have paid for a combined aura reading / soul healing was $450. Was it worth it? It’s a good question and I plan to share the experience in another post.

If you are considering an aura reading, what is your motivation? What are you wanting to get out of it?  It can be exciting, the thought of paying someone to tell you something that you don’t know about yourself. Or to obtain an explanation as to why things aren’t going so great, or to get reinforcement that you can have your hearts desire.

The sharp side of the aura reading or any energy clearing practice (and this is purely my own experience, my own projections and does not mean this is true for you or anyone else) is that it can be totally frustrating when you don’t get the answer you want, or you get the answer but then reality kicks in and you are left not knowing exactly what you need to do to achieve it.

Looking back, there is no doubt that some aura, soul, and psychic readers were able to tell me things about myself. However, the answers and knowledge I was seeking were always there for me to uncover, I just hadn’t yet ‘come home’. That is, my self awareness was in the very early stages of development. I did not then have the knowledge and understanding about energy and about how my emotions are full of answers providing I’m ready and willing to be honest with myself. That’s is, I can tell by the way I feel whether something is right or not, if something is lining up or not.

If you are seeking an aura reading or any other reading here are some things to know that, along with the reading, may be of additional help:

  • Be honest with your motivations. What are you hoping to achieve from the reading? Are you prepared if you do not receive the outcome you are seeking?
  • Can you afford this reading? This isn’t to evoke a sense of lack but to be real with yourself. Can you afford this right now or is there something more pressing you could spend the finances on (As a single mum, I once spent $250 for an energy clearing that honestly would have been better spent on groceries)
  • What have you been doing with your energy up until now? Would you say you’re feeling mostly positive emotions? Or negative? Gather awareness are your dominant vibrational state because more than likely you will return to this state after the reading.
  • If there is something you want to know, quiet your mind turn within and ask, ‘Do I need to seek out assistance right now or do I already know the answer?’ One of the biggest lessons I learned on my energy healing path is that when you are totally honest with yourself, you often find answers you have been seeking have been there all along.
  • If you decide that a reading is the right step, again quiet your mind, turn inward and ask that the reading will be successful for both yourself and the reader, and you will receive the answers you desire.
  • Before a reading, drink lots of water, eat raw, fresh food, feel relaxed rather than rushed or overwhelmed, and avoid caffeine and alcohol.

In future posts, I will write about more about aura colours, how you can develop your own skill of reading auras, and how you can obtain clarity and the answers you seek to any question bubbling within your consciousness.

Until then, take good care of you, and know that you are loved, your mind is an incredible tool that you can learn to use and that you will achieve the clarity, peace and joy that you desire.

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