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Applying The Law of Attraction Without Effort And Angst

Does applying the law of attraction mean hard work and effort? No. If anything, working ‘hard’ at applying the law of attraction can have the opposite effect.

This can be a little unsettling at first. It was for me anyways as hard work and effort was pretty much my MO. It was the way, like many, I had been raised. There was a little bit of identity tied up in that too. Working hard made me a good person, a contributor. To not work hard or apply effort perhaps implied laziness and I felt uncomfortable with that. So it took me quite a while to untangle those beliefs.

I have mentioned my millionaire brother in several posts, but yesterday I spoke about how he hasn’t read a new age book in his life (or, to my knowledge, practiced appreciation) and yet he can effortlessly manifest, not just incredible wealth, but anything he identifies he wants. Me, on the other hand, at the time was working very hard (in all areas of life) on applying the law of attraction and yet nothing much was really happening.

Don’t get me wrong. My brother works hard. Just not on the law of attraction. So what does all this mean?

Applying The Law Of Attraction -It Can Be Hit & Miss

Law of attraction teachings can be confusing at first, especially if you are reading too many perspectives from different authors. For instance, one teacher may say that it is imperative that you determine, if its wealth you seeking, the exact amount of dollars you want and the time you want it by. This will force the universe to yield to you.

Others say no, no, no, don’t do that because if you don’t really believe you can have that dollar amount, and if you have no clue on how to go about creating it then setting a deadline and being so specific is just going to introduce stress. This anxiety and stress will only contaminate the process of applying the law of attraction successfully.

I’ve experienced both perspectives. Once when I set a deadline of wanting ten grand by x date I didn’t get it (not even close). Anther time, when I had a fleeting thought that I wanted to purchase a home in a particular suburb, it happened (easily actually, and in a timeframe I’d never dream possible.) What did I do differently? In retrospect, I didn’t kill the desire with stress and angst. The house manifestation that is.

Fine Tune The Law Of Attraction So It Unfolds With Ease

How can you begin applying the law of attraction so that it isn’t hard work and it doesn’t feel loaded with effort, strain and angst? Instead, you feel like you have finally found a groove. Everything feels light and breezy, and things just start unfolding with ease. Wouldn’t that be beautiful? Instead of waking up feeling heavy and filled with anxiety, you just wake up feeling good and you go about your day and everything falls into place. Everything consistently works out.

How can you get to this place?

It comes with mentally letting go. I know that term is so over used and is probably annoying. However, for me anyways, letting go was imperative for not only successfully applying the law of attraction but actually enjoying my life. You see, in early years through effort and action I did achieve good success with manifesting desires but the journey was often unpleasant and happiness was short lived.

The other path though, this path of allowing rather than forcing, not only are the manifestations a hundred times more mind blowing, the unfolding is incredibly beautiful.

So, what exactly are you letting go of? It’s not your desire! It is the need of the desire. It is the need to control conditions and instead taking charge of your mental plane. But even that can encourage effort to come through the back door!! ‘I need to take charge of my mental plane. I’m have to work on letting go.’ No, just let go.

What does letting go look like in action? Notice when you are stressing, yearning, feeling angst of ‘not having’. Notice if you are forcing or efforting in visualisation. Now recall times in your life when you are relaxed and enjoying what you are doing and there is no effort. For me, it’s being in the surf. Find that space of ease, that’s the place you want to find when the effort arises. Ask yourself, ‘What can I do I this moment to experience that feeling of ease?’ It may be as simple as saying, I’m working too hard at this, I’m going to drop it.’ And drop it 🙂

What are your tips on applying the law of attraction with ease? Pls feel welcome to share what has worked for you.

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