Abraham Hicks Teachings

Abraham Hicks Teachings: My Journey With Esther Hicks & Abraham

Hello Sunshine. Question: have you come across Abraham Hicks Teachings throughout your energy healing journey? Sometimes I receive emails asking if I am an ‘Aber’ a term of endearment used to describe committed students of the Teachings of Abraham Hicks.

I came across Abraham Hicks teachings approx 10 years ago, and they became somewhat of an obsession. I would spend hours upon hours everyday listening to Esther Hicks translate Abraham on youtube. For a while, I even had my own channel and quite a large following from sharing the best of Abraham’s teachings.

The teachings of Abraham Hicks helped me to deepen my understanding of energy, vibration and law-of-attraction. Tune in to the way you feel and you receive real time guidance and feedback to what you are doing with your vibration aka what you are attracting.

For me though, there was a darker side to Abraham Hicks. Excuse me for sounding dramatic. What I mean to articulate is that perhaps it was my misinterpretation of their teachings and law of attraction teachings that became pesky.

I feel inspired to share my experiences on this so that you don’t inadvertently stumble into the same Abraham potholes that I did.

Here is where Abraham hicks teachings became problematic on my energy healing path:

Abraham Hicks Teachings: Hinderance or Helpful

Inaction: I spent too much time ‘getting into alignment’ all the while remaining stagnant. I am a huge believer that there is more to successful manifestation than mere guts and action. I can vouch from my own experience the times I ‘took massive action’ only to achieve zero results. Then I began to understand how your energy is more powerful than mere action but the pendulum swung too far to the other side to the point where I didn’t act at all because I hadn’t yet received ‘inspiration’.

Action is an imperative part of manifestation and action combined with alignment does moves worlds. However, be mindful of getting stucking ‘waiting’ for alignment because if you have chronic patterns of negativity and you do nothing until they are resolved, it’s possible you won’t move at all! Sometimes, it is by taking gentle action that moves feelings of doubt and lack of self-belief into feelings of confidence and self assurance.

Awareness is key. While you don’t want to be the person who knows little to nothing about energy who takes massive action all the while being in a state of severe stress, worry and anxiety (this was me), you also don’t want to be the person who knows lots about energy and vibration, is doing the alignment work, but sits and waits for inspiration (this then became me.)

Avoidance: This one is huuuuuge and had a major impact on my relationship with money as well as my parenting skills when my daughter was pre teen. You get what you think about and what you focus on, we are told. Knowing this, I went through a period where I didn’t want to give my attention to anything slightly negative because I believed I would attract more of the same, or it would get worse.

I remember listening to an Abe conversation where a guest asked about Stranger Danger and Abe replied, “Well by talking about it you’re inviting it into your experience.” So there was a lot I didn’t talk about with my daughter for fear of inviting it into our lives. But get this:I may not be talking, but lots of others are. She is finding out information from school kids, teachers, other parents, television and the internet.

So, in my humble opinion, it is incredibly important to have open and honest dialogue. Furthermore, times when my daughter exhibited unskilful behaviour, I ignored it because I didnt want to focus on it, shine a spot light on it, and make it bigger. This was a mistake. The saying ‘Nip it in the bud’ comes to mind. By dealing with a matter swiftly, I often found it would put an end to the matter. The key is how you are feeling as this unwanted experience is unfolding.

It is about your energy as you’re dealing with it. You can be ignoring something yet still have a keen awareness of it on some deeper level and not be feeling good about it. Abe say don’t be so honest. I have to disagree on this point. Be honest, and authentic especially about what your feeling. However, be non resistant. You don’t want to be the person who is beating the drum over and over and over of something negative. But you also don’t want to be the person who sticks their head in the sand unless you genuinely feel joyful and zero negative emotion as you do this. You can get real and face reality and keep your alignment at the same time.

Insensitive: Abraham-Hicks talk a lot about the death experience. ┬áPersonally, I am not afraid of death, and feel no fear of when it’s my time to transition.

Abraham’s teachings on death resonated with me however my stance also created an insensitive ass at times. What is worthwhile remembering is that not everyone understands Abrahams perspective and feels the same way. When a loved one passes, it hurts. Non’Abers especially who haven’t heard a perspective like Abraham Hicks teachings can find it particularly confronting.

I remember the wife of one of my husband’s work mates had a miscarriage. In my ‘upbeat, aligned, positvely focussed vortex’ manner, I was pretty unempathetic to how she would have been feeling (and expressed to my husband in a judgy Scaith-raham manner), “Well, her being miserable and putting it all over Facebook is just holding her apart from what she really wants and she’ll never get there from that place!” What a horrible thing to feel and say!

There are quite a few other potholes that I fell down on my practicing Abraham Hicks teachings path such as eating an unhealthy diet and expecting to say trim and healthy, ignoring important issues and justifying hurtful behaviour but I will leave it here for now. What about you? Have you misinterpreted Abraham Hicks Teachings or other self help teachings? What did you learn from it? Please feel welcome to share.

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