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Abraham-Hicks Get Happy & You’ll Get Your Desires…. Right?

Abraham-Hicks Get Happy message is repeated often throughout their teachings. Get happy, get happy, get happy and you will get what you desire. How so?

Abraham-Hicks teachings are centred around vibration and the law of attraction. That is, everything that you experience is a direct result of your vibration. Life isn’t just happening to you, it is responding to you. That is, your energy, and the signal you are broadcasting. Abraham say there are no exceptions to this law.

The flat tyre, the unexpected bill, the rude customer, the traffic jam, even other peoples moods and behaviour. According to Abraham, you are attracting the lot. This is good news, Abe say. Why? Because you can control what you experience by way of controlling your energy. This is where the Abraham-Hicks Get Happy message comes in.

Abraham-Hicks Get Happy & Watch It Flow On In

‘Get happy, get into the vortex, get into alignment, do whatever you can to feel good. The better you feel the more you are allowing.’ This is the heart of Abraham-Hicks teachings. This is what will bring your what you want. The belief that many Abraham students come away with after listening to this message over and over again, is that the better you feel and the happier you are, the quicker you will manifest your desires.

The pesky side to this belief is that negative emotion can become the bad guy. That is, if getting happy = manifestation of desires, then negative emotion can only mean the opposite. So at the snifter of any negative emotion can be a frantic, scurrying-about doing everything in your power to move up the emotional scale to get happy.

What’s worse, is when you have been consistent in maintaining ‘happy’ and what you want doesn’t come. The result can be deep feelings of frustration and dejection. “I am doing the energy work! I’ve been feeling good? What am I doing wrong?!” (You obviously have resistance in your energy, would be the reply.)

Worse again is when you have been really, truly, consistently maintaining ‘happy’ only to have the automatic transmission go on the car or an unpleasant encounter at the grocery store. Not only are you not getting what you want, but now you’re getting what you don’t want. Yet you’ve been genuinely happy!! These types of scenarios once created havoc within my ‘happy!’ inner landscape when I was in the thick of my Abra-coma.

Last of all, when so much emphasis is placed on ‘happy’, you can inadvertently dishonour emotions that only wish to be acknowledged, felt and let go. When ‘happy’ becomes non-negotiable, you risk becoming inauthentic, both to yourself and to other peoples life experience.

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I appreciate the Abraham-Hicks Get Happy message for the very reason that feeling good no doubt feels a lot better than feeling bad. So many people (and I was one) spend so much valuable time complaining or nagging and feeling bad and very little time appreciating the beauty of the moment and all the good that exists in their life. In this respect, Abrahams Get Happy message is the bomb. I appreciate it and practice it in many circumstances.

Just be mindful of the pesky down-side of becoming too obsessed with getting happy. Let go of placing so much emphasis on your manifestations that it ‘starts to do your head in’ so to speak.

Abraham-Hicks Get Happy: In Action

Now that I’ve shared the potential pothole, lets look at a positive example of how the Abraham-Hicks Get Happy teaching works.

I have been recovering from foot surgery for the last 6 weeks. My mobility has been restricted. The first month I barely left the lounge. It has only been in the last 10 days that I have been weight bearing in my moon boot. It has been little boring. I have been sleeping on the lounge. It’s summer. It’s hot. Sticky. I can’t go to the beach. I can’t walk the dogs. I can’t garden… I can’t drive…

It was this negative train of thought that took hold of me recently and I noticed myself feeling yuk. I certainly wasn’t feeling happy.  ‘I can’t do this, I can’t do that, it’s hot, I’m sick of this boot, I’m bored shitless, I’ve put on weight, I feel sluggish, my cellulite has exploded….’ The Complain Train was chugging along and picking up speed. As a result I felt rubbish. I was focused on 1) stuff I couldn’t change 2) stuff that didn’t feel good.

The good news is I noticed it (as you do when you become more in tune with your energy.) I got off that train and boarded another one. ‘My husband has been taking such good care of me, I have finally had the surgery which I desperately needed, I have caught up on much needed rest, I am sleeping in every day, I have been getting paid whilst recovering, I have had time to write, I have made excellent progress on my online perfume store, I have spent time with my family and puppies.’ See how easy it is to switch focus? After I did this, I felt contented. Even happy. This is where I appreciate Abraham’s teaching on focus. Focus is thinking and responding skilfully in a positive way that serves you well.

I really hope this post on Abraham-Hicks Get Happy message has helped! I totally fell down the rabbit hole in respect to law-of-attraction teachings and it is my hope to help you stay on stable ground 🙂

Please share your own stories if you feel inspired.

Much love,
Nat xo

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