Energy Healing Therapy

Hi guys thanks for stopping by. My name is Nat and I created this site because I’m super keen on the power of positive energy.

I was in my late 20’s when I read my first personal development book. It was Susan Jeffers Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. It was the catalyst for selling my home, leaving my job, moving to a small coastal town and becoming a somewhat recluse. I was a single mum with a gorgeous little girl. After years of bad decisions, bad experiences and a spirit that felt broken, it had all came to a head. I wasn’t just physically tired, the exhaustion ran deep to my soul.

It was the start of what I call healing my spirit. Gerringong is a picturesque little town south of Sydney. The views of the ocean and mountains are breathtaking. It was quiet, serene and the perfect place to begin making changes. At a little crystal store in Berry one Sunday afternoon, I purchased a book written by the Dalai Lama. It was the second book that changed my life. The Buddhist teachings resonated so deeply with me. They explained how I created my suffering and I gained insight to long-held feelings of not feeling good enough and needing to please and be accepted by others. I read everything I could on buddhism and meditation and I slowly began to regain a sense of feeling okay in the world.

Spiritual Energy Healing
Picturesque Gerringong was the place my healing journey began.

Some time later, I came across a book about energy, vibration and law of attraction. And to be honest there were times I wished I had never read it! Why? Because it ignited my dreams. I had given up on my dreams and I was okay with that. I was content. I was still very much a recluse but I was happy. I loved where I was living, I had my beautiful daughter and I had a good work life balance. But this damn book inspired me to desire things for her and I that I hadn’t previously allowed myself to dream of.

Learning about vibration lead to its own set of pesky problems. Whilst I was working on my ‘alignment’, I wasted a lot of time waiting for stuff to happen, and I avoided things in fear of attracting the unwanted. I was also guilty of the sort of manic ‘fake happy!’ that can come with moving up the emotional scale. My energy healing path saw me try just about every energy healing therapy under the sun which was interesting and adventurous but also exhausting, deflating and expensive. Things finally clicked into place when I travelled full circle back to my Buddhist beginnings and realised no one else could heal me. Only I had access to my mind, and my mind, my thoughts, was what I had to figure out.

Fast forward to today. I am married, my baby bear is now a gorgeous inspiring teenager finishing her senior high school, and I’m blessed with two cheeky fur babies. I no longer live in beautiful Gerringong but I am still in a lovely coastal town, this one a bit further south. Vincentia is in Jervis Bay and it doesn’t have the rolling green hills of Gerringong, but it has a beauty unlike any other. The beaches have the whitest sand and the water honestly takes my breath away still to this day. It is like Tahiti or the Maldives. I love animals. I am still very much an introvert. I love my own company but at the same time, I care about people and have a genuine interest in learning their stories.

Spiritual Energy Healing
Vincentia, Jervis Bay. I plan on living here forever but what I have learned is never say never!
Spiritual Energy Healing
Meet Shaggy
Spiritual Energy Healing
Meet Poochie

I became vegan several years ago, a choice which changed my life so much it still blows my mind (I will never preach to you but if you are curious or have ever considered a plant-based lifestyle and have questions, message me!)

I joined the Australian Defence Force when I was 38!  My boho nature is often commented as being contradictory for military service and I wholeheartedly agree. Yet in just three years I was awarded a CO’s Gold PQ at recruit school, a leadership award at recruit graduation, dux of my class and dux of the year for my category training, a CO’s commendation upon my first posting and selected to represent Australia in France marching for Bastille Day. I was also awarded a Bronze Commendation on the completion of my deployment to the Middle East this year. I never set out to win awards (attention is an introverts nightmare!) and it’s not my intention to big note but simply to share the power of positive energy.

Energy Healing Therapy
Hubs and I on Anzac Day

I am now transitioning back into civvies life and excited about the next chapter. I have created my own vegan perfume line and I am so looking forward to its delicious unfolding. My time in active service never really felt like I had found my life purpose. At the same time, there was a deeper knowing that the experience would serve me well and I deeply appreciate the experience. If you are not where you want to be in life, stress less sweet soul, it’s never too late to follow the dream in your heart.

Energy Healing Therapy
Marching in France

Over the years, apart from trying almost every energy healing modality under the sun, I have studied psychosomatic therapy, massage, counselling, and various other energy healing methods all of which I have appreciated learning. The tipping point for lasting change though, was mastering what no healer had access to and that was my inner dialogue. It really is true when you change your attitude you change your life. I felt inspired to create this site in the hope that my experiences assist other peeps on a similar path.

Please feel welcome to share your own energy healing experiences as the healing path is unique and sacred to each of us and you never know how your experiences may help someone else.

Here’s to your gorgeous soul 😘


Standard necessary disclaimer: This site is an expression of my personal experiences and thoughts. I am not a medical or psychological professional and any suggestions on this site should not replace individual professional treatment.