7 Must Have Law-of-Attraction Tips to Increase Success

Hola! I am excited to share 7 law-of-attraction tips to increase your manifesting success. Learning the law-of-attraction can be one of the most frustrating skills to master. There were times where I wished I had never came across the teachings. Why? Because they ignited dreams I had long given up on! Being told that you can have anything you desire can create both excitement and hope yet also fear and frustration if what you want is slow in coming.

After watching the famous law of attraction movie, The Secret, I made a career out of trying to understand and master the teachings and, for many years, I was a big flop. Whether you want to use the law of attraction for love, relationships, money, or any other manifestation, these tips can help you can help you achieve your desire and avoid unnecessary stress and frustration.

7 Law-Of-Attraction Tips To Help You Manifest Your Desires Faster

My top 7 law-of-attraction tips. Let’s go:

#1. You must use the screen of your mind to picture what it is you want. Then, you have to expect it will happen. Anyone can picture themselves with million dollars but hardly anyone believes they can have it it. I cannot stress this enough. Lastly, let it go. Not give up. Let go. There is a big difference. Giving up means you don’t expect it. Letting it go means you know it’s going to happen but you don’t care when.

Recap: Every day, take some time (I do it when I first wake up and when I go to sleep) to get clear on what it is you want. Then expect it. Convince yourself it is going to happen, know it’s a done deal and let go of when.

#2.Make sure your self esteem is on point. By that, I mean you are wanting what you want for the pure thrill and experience of it, not because you need it to feel worthy or impress others. Back in the day, I so desperately wanted money to fill a void to feel good about myself. I would visualise myself in a flashy car, driving down the street, admired by all. The hilarious thing is most people are not impressed by wealth because they have their own money issues. ‘Look at me in my hot car’ I’m dreaming, when most of peeps are probably thinking, ‘Look at that, another rich clown’. Want what you want for the pure thrill of it. If you are wanting money, or anything, to feel worthy or impress others, you have a red hot indicator that you may find your desire hard to manifest. Why? Because despite outward appearances, underneath, your energy is a big, vibrating pile of insecurity.

Recap: Work on being a more confident, effective human being if you notice that you are wanting something just to feel worthy. When you work on your inner landscape and hold attributes such as honesty, integrity, loyalty and authenticity in higher esteem than ‘wanting ‘stuff’ to feel worthy’,  you will feel good about yourself and what you want will come more easily.

#3.Keep your dreams and desires to yourself. For two reasons. 1) Often the need to tell the world about what it is you are going to manifest is laced with self doubt. 2) More often than not the other person may not respond positively. Laughter, skepticism and negative judgment, spoken or implied (the ‘you’re f*ing crazy!’ face) can be what you receive (I’ve had them all). Actually, throw in pity. Pity was probably the worst (the ‘Oh Darl, give it up, you’re deluding yourself!’ face) This type of negative reaction will mess up your vibration and you wont feel so good about what it is you’re wanting or doing. You can waste years in self doubt.

Recap: Until you have signed your book deal, purchased your dream home or landed the job of a lifetime, consider keeping your dreams to yourself. Otherwise you can end up stuffing your energy with negative emotions.

#4. Learn how to think skillfully. This trumps all. Most people will argue, ‘Yeh but I do think’ but often it is repetitive, ineffective, mind-numbing thoughts that achieve little except drain your energy. Skillful thinking isn’t just airy fairy positive thinking. It is strong, empowered thinking that focusses on solutions not problems. Think about what you can do, not what you can’t. Think about what you want, not what you don’t want. Appreciate what you do have, not what’s missing.  Focus on doing what has to be done efficiently and precisely, not whining about it.

Quick Story: When I was on deployment, there were several weeks where I was doing my job as well as someone else’s several ranks higher than me. The hours were very long, the pace was fast and the environment was stressful. There was no time for complaining. I had one mission and that was to get the work done without degradation to operational capability. I was awarded a bronze commendation at the end of my deployment. The last thing I ever expected, or set out to do was win awards. Learning how to think skilfully will serve you very well.

Recap: Bitching, complaining, and judging are all signs of resistant thoughts. Resistance will drain your energy and law-of-attraction will give you more to complain about. If you notice this trait in yourself (and we all do it, it’s okay) just stop it. Say to yourself ‘I’m capable. I can do this. Here is an opportunity to rise not fall.’

#5. Whatever it is you are doing, do it brilliantly. When you put good energy into your action, good energy is what you are radiating out into the world and law-of-attraction is responding to. Trust me, if you don’t like your job, do it well anyway, you wont stay there for long. Doing an outstanding job even if you don’t particularly enjoy it is an attitude that will one hundred percent bring you success.

Recap: Vow to yourself that no matter where you are and what you are doing, you will put good energy into it. It doesn’t mean being fake and exclaiming,Oh WOWI love this!’ when you don’t. It means you understand that you are where you are, it is temporary and the quickest way to move to something better is to make the most of where you are now.

#6. Look after your physical body. It is the only one you have. Feed it healthy, nutritious food (what you eat affects your vibration) and keep it strong through being active. Cut back on the grog or eliminate it altogether.  Get a decent amount of sleep. Meditate. Breathe. Money, cars, houses are all worthless if you’re dead.

Recap: Your physical body radiates your vibration so it makes perfect sense to take care of it to ensure it is operating at peak condition. When you are unhappy with where you are, it can be tempting to overeat or overindulge to soothe or escape the pain. This habit (one I know all too well) can result in feeling worse. When you feel sluggish, hung over, lethargic, these are all indicators that your energy isn’t optimal.

#7. Acknowledge how blessed you are to have life. It may sound clichéd but every morning that you wake up with a pulse you are one up on the poor soul who died yesterday. In the HQ foyer over in the Middle East, there was an entire wall filled with the photos of soldiers who had been killed in action. They left home to serve their country and never got to see their loved ones before they died. It wasn’t lost on me the photos that weren’t there to represent the thousands of other lives lost in war. Life is so sacred, please don’t waste it being miserable. You may not have what you want or be where you want to be but you have life. Appreciate this beautiful gift every day.

Recap: Waking up every day and acknowledging the blessing of your life is such an incredibly powerful way of igniting your energy and vibration. It sets the tone for your day and you will be blown away with how many things you have to appreciate when you take the time to look. This is one of the most powerful tricks of them all. Train yourself to see abundance instead of lack.

Practice 1 or 2 Law-of-Attraction Tips to Maximise Success

For years I was unsuccessful with mastering the law-of-attraction. I would think incessantly about my desire and I’d take non-stop action. It’s what the books said to do.  I spent a lot of money on business ventures that all went south. I worked really, really hard but still didn’t attract the success I wanted so badly.  The problem wasn’t laziness or not taking action. The problem was I didn’t comprehend that what I was attracting was equivalent to my vibration. Whilst I was running around thinking and doing, I was often a bundle of manic desperation. ‘Hurry UP Universe, I NEED this! PLEEEASEEEEE just let it happen!!!’ Looking back, it is no surprise that I kept attracting things that matched my desperation.

Pick on or two of the above law-of-attraction tips to start mastering. Or if you have a technique that you find useful please share it below to help others. Above all, enjoy your life as much as you can right now. Whatever you do, don’t give up. The kicker is when you are satisfied in your present moment you aren’t concerned if or when your desires come. And yet that is when it does.

What are your fave law-of-attraction tips? Please share with us.

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