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5 Energy Healing Techniques For Increasing Your Mojo

Want to know some easy energy healing techniques for increasing your self confidence? These energy healing techniques are practices you can do yourself and they geared towards busy peeps who do not have loads of spare time to dedicate to lengthy energy cleansing rituals. They are simple, practical, and best of all, they get results.

Energy Healing Techniques: Setting Up For Success

Before you learn these savvy techniques from my bag of energy healing tricks lets take a moment to set some solid foundations. Just like building muscle, changing your energy from negative to positive has to be consistently practiced in order to get results. The success of any energy healing technique will have a lot to do with your consistency as well as your alignment with it. By that, I mean your thoughts, or beliefs, about what it is you are doing or having done to you.

Quick story: I once visited an energy healer who instructed me that before I left the house each day I had to undertake quite a robust process of visualisation, white-lighting and cord cutting. As she was explaining what I had to do, my inner critic was shaking her head thinking impatiently, ‘I don’t have time to do all of this, Love!’ I had not even left the healing session and I was already feeling negative about my future healing. You have to be in alignment with whatever process you do or healing modality you choose. An attitude of positive expectation is important too. For a long time, even though I was was taking action, I hadn’t yet come to believe or expect that my life would improve.

Tip: No matter what energy healing modality or technique you choose, make sure you feel good about it and that you expect positive results are on the way.

How Long Will Your Bliss Last After An Energy Healing Session?

Quick story: A massage therapist I used to visit when I was living in Queensland once told me with great satisfaction that every client who climbs off his table does so in a state of pure energetic alignment. (It was true!) I asked him out of curiosity, how long does their bliss last? He matter-of-factly replied, ‘until they drive away. ‘ He added, ‘It’s why they keep coming back.’

What my therapist friend meant was that he had no influence over what happened to his client’s energy after they left his practice. They kept coming back because they wanted to feel more of that blissful feeling. The good news is you can control how long your bliss lasts! There is no question that therapists and healers can be highly effective in facilitating shifts in energy but true, lasting change occurs when you know you can influence the state of your energy moment to moment. I feel so strongly about this because I spent years and years and, honestly, thousands of dollars searching for someone to help me feel better when I had the ability all along.

Understanding your role in healing, in my humble opinion, is imperative. You can deepen your understanding of what affects your energy and how to take charge of changing your life here.

5 (Practical!) Energy Healing Techniques For Increasing Your MOJO

These five energy healing techniques all things you can do yourself anywhere, anytime. They are  simple, practical and each technique can be done in as little as 5 minutes. The purpose behind them is to help you feel good about yourself and your life. Do them (or anything that works well for you!) consistently and you will see results.

1. Set Your Tone:

What is it: This practice is done upon first thing in the morning (I also repeat it before I fall asleep). It will set the tone for your day and can be done in a matter of minutes.

How to do it: Close your eyes. Take several deep breaths. With every deep breath picture your entire physical and energetic body being filled with light, open and receptive. Remind yourself you are worthy and deserving and you expect life to go well for you. Optional: Set an intention for the day ahead (eg. Things work out for me. I am a beautiful soul who is worthy of amazing things) Bask in this beautiful energy for as long as you like. (This is how I begin my morning meditation).

2. The Power Phrase:

What is it: Pick two – three words (or even a short affirmation) that evokes a feeling of strength, calm or joy; whatever it is that you need or makes you feel strong and confident. Once you have chosen your words, bask in the feeling of them for a moment.

How to do it: Repeat your power words or phrase as often as you can remember throughout the day. You can vary your statement but I suggest practicing the same one until it becomes part of you. Alternatively, have different statements for different circumstances. One of my faves that I still use today for when I am working is: Focus. Precision. As I repeat these words (usually no more than 3 0r 4 times) a feeling of strength, competence and expertise arises. This tactic was so effective when I was going through recruit school that I was awarded a CO’s Gold PQ and a leadership award. I was the only person in the entire division of 120 recruits to achieve this. Hilariously the last thing on my mind was winning awards. I just wanted to graduate, and get home to my daughter! Another one I love for increasing feelings of abundance and prosperity is: Wealth. Success. If you are wanting to increase your prosperity consciousness, just repeating these two words will help evoke a feeling of abundance.

3. The Love Story

What is it: Many people searching for energy healing techniques have this in common; they don’t love themselves anywhere near enough. Are you one of them? I cannot speak for everyone, but it was certainly true for me for a long, long time. The art of self love is hugely underestimated. Some healers say you can lose weight, attract a partner, increase abundance, look younger, and heal physical ailments just by the simple practice of increasing self love. I can’t guarantee that but I do know there is great value in increasing self love. Do you really love and cherish the gorgeous soul that you are? Or is there room for improvement in this area?

How to do it: This technique can be easily practiced in conjunction with the Power Phrase. As many times as you remember throughout the day, take a moment to say “I really, really love you,” to you. Better still, imagine the words are being spoken from your soul to the you standing in your physical body. It is the Personality You that sometimes cuts off the energy flow through negative thinking. You are a beautiful, magnificent being that deserves to be celebrated. Loving yourself will do wonders.

4. The Strut:

What is it: I love this! The Strut is an energy healing technique that is fun and packs a punch. I am a qualified (non-practicing) psychosomatic therapist which is a fancy way of saying I am good at reading body language. There is so much unspoken communication in the way you carry yourself. The strut is all about changing your body language so that your energy tells a different story.

How to do it: Take a moment to observe yourself when you walk, when you sit, when you interact with other people. Can you gain some insight as to what you may be projecting to the world? Are there feedings of lack? Of not fitting in? Of not feeling good enough? Next time you get up out of your chair, or walk out the door, strut your stuff. You don’t have to swagger like Mick Jagger but picture yourself as someone who knows their worth. Someone who trusts and believes in themselves. Someone whose life unfolds with ease. Shoulders back, core tight, head held high, face relaxed, eyes front and centre. I’ve always loved the way Dexter strolls out of his apartment in the opening. Exuding confidence and swag!

The military teaches how to cultivate good bearing and I appreciated learning this because it did increase my confidence just by carrying myself differently. The Strut is not about being arrogant or superior. This is about you knowing that you’re a worthy, positive contributor to the world, someone who attracts success and happiness. Own your individuality and show it off to the world.

5. The Horizontal Hilton:

What is it: Another one of my favourite energy healing techniques, do this daily if you can or weekly at the very least.  You are going to connect with nature, and your inner energy, and……. let it go….let it go:)

How to do it: Take off your shoes and get outside. Find a patch of grass somewhere in a place that you enjoy, and take a moment to notice your feet connecting with the earth. Become really present in the moment. This is a grounding technique and fabulous for when you are caught up in thinking. Then lay down (bring a blanket if your skin is sensitive) and stare up at the sky. Remember what this was like as a child? Look at how expansive it is.  You are, in this moment, a free spirit. Let go of anything that is currently concerning you.  All your worries have permission to slip away. You are carefree. Breathe in the air and feel appreciation for the opportunity to let go and trust that things are changing and life is getting better for you. It is! This feeling is available to you whenever you choose it.

This is an actual technique known as Earthing. It made the headlines recently when an article was written about it on Gwyneth Paltrow’s website. You can read more about my thoughts on Earthing here.

Consistency is Key To Seeing Results

I hope you have enjoyed reading about these short, sharp, snappy energy healing techniques that will increase your mojo. Whilst it would be awesome if we could heal our energy in one hit, for most people it is gradual. Energy healing doesn’t have to be a wild goose chase that costs you a fortune. Whether you do it on your own or seek out the help of an energy practitioner, what it does take is consistency and a commitment to yourself that you are worth the effort. No matter where you are right now, know this: Things can get better. Your suffering has an expiry date (a friend told me this when I was on deployment and feeling bloody miserable. It made my day. And she was right!) What are your go-to energy healing techniques? Pls feel welcome to share below.

Yours in healing,


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