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3 Day Digestive System Cleanse / Fast – Journal & Results

Hello Gorgeous. My 3 day fast/ digestive system cleanse is complete and the results are in.  The product I used for this 3 day cleanse is Miessence Fast ‘weight loss superfood.’ Miessence is a certified organic company in Australia.

I’m not a huge fan of fasting purely for weight loss as almost anyone can lose weight if they don’t eat for 3 days. Unless there are other lifestyle changes made, any weight loss from straight fasting tends to be put straight back on. Far more important than actual weight loss is changing unhealthy habits from diet and lifestyle.

Why did I choose Miessence Fast for the digestive system cleanse? I was looking for a good quality detox product that was organic and loaded with cleansing herbs and antioxidants. There are many types of fasts and cleanses but I wanted to be feeding my body good nutrients over the 3 days fast. There are so many products out there it can be hard to know which is a legitimately good one. Miessence was mentioned in one of the Vegan groups I am in on Facebook and after looking into them further I liked the fact they seem to have integrity and a social conscience. (PS I am not associated with this company in any way.)

So why am I doing this digestive system cleanse / fast? I am 8 weeks post op fro a hysterectomy and it is time to commence a return to exercise program. Since the op, my eating hasn’t been as healthy as usual and I feel sluggish and my energy is a bit lethargic. There has been a small weight gain but more noticeably is the change in body composition. So, I am using a digestive system cleanse to re-set my eating habits and give my system some time to clean out the crap and begin getting re-addicted to all things that are good for me:)

3 Day Digestive System Cleanse with Miessence FAST.

So below you will find my recordings from my 3 day digestive system cleanse.


As discussed in my last post, I did commence the 3 day fast several days ago but stuffed up when unceremoniously licked the bowl clean when baking my husband a birthday cake. So today I am back to day 1.

I knew what to expect. It has been over 2 years since I have done an extended fast (I did the Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse) and it does surprise me just how attached I am to food. It is interesting to observe how there is a part of me that really cannot stand being told what to do and gets quite snarky at not having to permission to eat whenever I feel like it.

I did something a bit different today compared to Monday. I mixed the powder with carrot and apple juice. I remember on the Blessed Herbs colon cleanse (which I did 2 years ago) that for the entire time I did not feel weak or shaky except on the day that I broke the fast. I put it down to the natural sugars from the apple juice that I was drinking over the 5 days of fasting must have been keeping my energy sustained.

I was going to go for a run this afternoon but work didn’t permit so I gave that a miss. When I did the Blessed Herbs colon cleanse they recommended not working out at all except for walking so I hindsight it’s probably wise not to be running when I am fasting.

What I did do when I got home was all of the housework and then the grocery shopping which took several hours. It was after 1900h by the time I got home. Being busy had taken my mind off food WHICH IT HAD BEEN TOTALLY OBSESSING ABOUT ALL BLOODY DAY OMG!!! It’s amazing how much my mind wanted to think about food! It was relentless! I just watched it like an impartial observer. And kindly informed it that it could think of food all it liked but I was not going to be seduced into eating any;)

I do feel ‘clean’. The green juice does feel like I’m doing something good for my system. It’s like my cells are dancing with joy and cheer and loving me for feeding them goodness <3 I so love that feeling. It is a totally different feeling to when, back in the day, I would eat an entire pizza and potato bake followed by a huge piece of cake or to the like. I would feel heavy and yuk. It’s not a pleasant feeling. It’s rare that I eat things like that anymore which make me feel this way. However like I said last week I’ve been a bit of a junk-food vegan since the op and just not at my optimum.

So, day 1 of this digestive system cleanse is down and I am feeling pretty good so far.


Today has been much easier than yesterday. It is almost like that snarky, petulant part of me that was demanding and obsessing about food has reluctantly accepted that I won’t be giving in and skulked back to bed. It has given up the fight. Oh, one thing I didn’t mention is that I have still been drinking coffee. I have one black coffee in the morning upon waking.

Like yesterday, the day went quick and because my mind had stop resisting so it was just like any other day. It was like fasting was my usual routine and part of my life and no big deal.

Arriving home from work was another story. The Witching Hour. I was hungry and on the prowl. Not helping the matter was the fact that Jules was whipping up an epic sensation in the kitchen and the aromas were taunting and unsympathetic:)

I took the puppies for walk instead and this did create a welcome diversion. I then drank tea and had an early night.


The last day of any fast, from past experience, is always pretty much a breeeeeeeze. In less than 24 hours I will be able to break the fast and eat so it’s no drama getting through the day.

But here is the thing. This whole digestive system cleanse will be a total waste of time if I were to break the fast with a big, fatty meal. Honestly, I would be better off saving myself the mental resistance and discipline and not fast at all.

So my plan is to have a small bowl of raspberries like I did on the blessed herbs colon cleanse.

Nothing much else to report today. I do feel hungry but I just keep drinking lots of water with fresh lemon. Once again I kept as busy as possible. You really do need to plan ahead with any type of cleanse. I find doing them during the week is easier if you are busy with work. I feel good physically. My body feels really light and clean, so does my mind.

This afternoon (the afternoon is the witching hour!) I was pacing around like a caged lion hungry and craving. It was only 1600h and it was going to be a long night. I decided on going for a run and it was the best idea. I am nowhere near as fast and as long as when I got home from deployment but that is to be expected. I just took it slow. The cold air was absolutely chilling yet invigorating at the same time. The water was stunning especially with the colours from the setting sun. Several homes had their fires burning so the wood fire smoke was so comforting. I had one goal on that run and that was to ENJOY it. By the time I got home all craving had disappeared. Good job!

3 Day Digestive System Cleanse RESULTS!

I broke the fast with raspberries as planned and they were sooooo delightful I could have cried with joy. I had an early lunch at my local cafe which serves the BEST coffee. I had avocado on sour-dough with a long black and it too blew my mind!

One thing you can count on with any cleanse/fast is that breaking it and tasting food again gives you a new found appreciation of the simple task of eating. Rather than mindlessly shove food down your throat whilst being caught up in a trail of incessant thoughts, there is a present moment awareness and total appreciation and savouring of what you are eating.

For dinner I had a light meal of sweet potato and herb balls with a light spicy ranch sauce.

I am feeling really, really good. My body feel lighter and cleaner and so does my mind. There is an increased sense of awareness and appreciation of life. I feel so blessed. The waves are really really loud tonight and it is the most beautiful sound. It is freezing cold and the house is toasty warm, the puppies are by my side and the waves are comforting. The waves haven’t been this loud in a long time and I love it so much.

Oh wait, the actual results!! I almost forgot! So here they are:

Weight Loss: 2.7kg (again this means little to me as body composition is far more important)

Hips & Thighs: 2cm

Waist: 2.5cm

I am pretty stoked with this. I didn’t do this cleanse for weight loss but it is an added bonus. What happens now is far more significant than the fasting over the last 3 days. It’s time to reset my routine and get back to clean eating and exercise… with this underlying theme: ENJOYMENT. Honestly, in my humble opinion, long term success comes down to making choices that you can sustain for EVER not just for a short time.

I love food so much and I believe it is such an important part of life. But there has to be a healthy relationship with food. Something I didn’t have for a long, long time. What’s cleansing got to do with energy healing and vibration? HEAPS! I will write more about this later in the week. I really just wanted to share actual the results of my cleanse.

Wishing you loads of love.

Yours in healing,


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