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3 Day Fast / Digestive System Cleanse Journal (Failed first Day!)

I have decided to embark upon a 3 day fast / digestive system cleanse as I need to kick start my health and fitness.

I underwent a hysterectomy 8 weeks ago and I have been back to walking the dogs for fitness but am yet to resume running or weight training. I plan to commence a return-to-running program starting tomorrow. I thought it would be a good time to also do a 3 day fast as my eating wasn’t as healthy whilst I have been convalescing and I feel bloated and sluggish. It is possible the stomach bloating is still from the surgery but I know my body well enough that I can just tell its not at its peak.

I wanted to use an organic digestive system cleanse and after some searching online I found a product called Fast by Miessence. I have not heard of this company before but it had some good reviews so I ordered it today. (Also grabbed some of their organic skin care too as I’m almost out of the Organic Spa products that I use.) It is only a 3 day fast which is what appealed to me.

3 Day Fast using Miessence Organics

I decided on a 3 day cleanse as opposed to a longer one as I am just not mentally ready for anything longer. I did the Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse a couple of years back (I actually kept a journal of the experience which you can download if you’re interested) and this was an 8 day cleanse. The first 3 days you can consume food (by day 3 you are only eating a quarter of the usual meal size) and on day 4 you start a 5 day fast which is nothing but a minimum of 3 litres of water a day plus 5 servings of the detox powder with apple juice. It wasn’t easy but I have to say that cleanse was life changing because it was the catalyst for making some pretty big changing in my eating habits.

I feel I really need a digestive system cleanse as everything feels sluggish plus I have put on a little bit of weight in the last 8 weeks. I did expect that I would as I had the surgery a week after I returned home from deployment and I went from working out almost every day, sometimes twice a day, to doing nothing but laying down.

I have to admit in the past this would probably have caused a lot of anxiety but you know what? I am tired of being so attached to what my body looks like. I have really enjoyed having a break from everything. After almost 7 months away in the Middle East, it has been so beautiful just to be at home, spend time with the puppies and be here when my daughter gets home from school. I have loved it.

I think a 3 day fast / digestive system cleanse will kick start me back into my old routine of making green smoothies each morning and eating more raw. I have indulged in a lot of ‘oven food whilst being at home’. Not-so-healthy (but delicious!) vegetable nuggets and schnitzels and potato gems. I have also experimented in some baking too and of course have to eat my creations 😉 When I did the Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse I felt so incredibly good at the end of it. I will be interested to see if I will actually get a result from a 3 day cleanse as it doesn’t seem long enough but I will keep an open mind.

This Miessence 3 day total organic cleanse consists of taking a scoop of the powder with water 3 times per day. Plus drinking water whenever food cravings strike. One thing the Blessed Herb cleanse showed me was how attached I was to food. It was almost like there was a nasty little gremlin inside of me that had a real tantrum when I wouldn’t give in to its culinary demands.

In my experience, mental preparation as well as a strong reason / motivation, is paramount for the success of any colon / digestive system cleanse. Otherwise it is too easy to slip up and sneak in food. This Miessence cleanse recommends not having coffee but I’m still going to have my standard black coffee each morning. I did with Blessed Herbs and I still got fantastic results.

I plan to record my findings like I did with the Blessed Herbs cleanse so stay tuned.

Quick Update 1: The Miessence products arrived the very next day, so pretty stoked with their super quick service. I am going to commence the 3 day colon cleanse / digestive system cleanse tomorrow (being Monday). Mentally, I am totes prepared and I will talk more about that tomorrow when I commence my fasting journal.

Quick Update 2: Ah guys, not good! I commenced the 3 day fast and went well all day. Then, later tonight when I was baking a cake for my husbands birthday, I licked the bowl clean! And then I had a piece of cake with him! It was poor planning on my part to commence this on his birthday. I’m dreadful, tbh I totally forgot about it until this morning! (we had celebrated our anniversary and his birthday on Friday night so I forgot about the actual date!) I am going to re-start on Wednesday.  Anyway, I will share below what I wrote earlier today.

Day 1 – 3 Day Miessence Fast.
Perhaps Monday wasn’t the best day to start this 3 day fast / digestive system cleanse lol. My reasoning at the time was that Mondays are a struggle at the best of times so lets just get it all over with.
Upon waking, I had my morning black coffee so no major change in routine there. I had my first FAST shake at 0700h after I arrived at work. It tasted pretty rough but not as bad as other cleanses I have previously had.
I did feel hungry by 1000h and drank a heap of warm water with lemon. The second fast at lunch tasted even more foul but not to the point where I am wanting to vomit. Again, drank more water.
By 1400 I had a slight headache and my tummy was quite vocal. I continued on with drinking lots of water. By this point, it is evident as to why anyone doing this needs a strong motivation for it. I’m hungry and really wanting to eat something and its easy to think ‘why bother doing this’.
I don’t need to lose weight but I do feel my digestive system and colon could do with a clean out so I will perservere. Three days isn’t a lot. I will have my last shake when I get home tonight. Then it will be one day down of my 3 day colon cleanse/ digestive system cleanse. Focus. Precision. 3 days. Done. 

So, day 1 of my 3 day fast was a disaster but all I can do is try again. There are heaps of different types of cleanses / fasts out there. Have you ever done a colon cleanse or digestive system cleanse? What have been your experiences?

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