Types of Energy Healing: What is the Best Energy Healing Modality?

Gorgeous soul, what are the best types of energy healing techniques? What is it that will permanently shift your energy, change whatever is problematic in your life, and bring you the improvements you seek? Is it reiki? Massage? Crystals? Hypnosis? Something much less known? When I sat down to write about the …

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Types of energy healing

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release your resistance
17 Jan

Release Your Resistance Around Money in 3 Very Simple Steps

Lets take a look at how you can release your resistance around money in 3 easy steps. Limiting beliefs around money are usually formed very early on in childhood. Such beliefs are usually passed down by well meaning parents. Contrary to some schools of thought, you do not need to …

distance energy healing
15 Jan

Distance Energy Healing: What To Know Before Forking Out Your $

Distance energy healing services are most commonly advertised on the internet.  You may also see them offered in various groups on social media sites like FaceBook. Today, such an offer for distance energy healing was pitched to a group I am in. It is the inspiration for this post. The …

How To Block Negative Energy
14 Jan

How To Block Negative Energy & Stay Centred Around Energy Vampires

It can be empowering to learn how to block negative energy from people who tend to be draining. Once you deepen your practice of maintaining positive energy, it is incredibly satisfying. You are no longer at the mercy of another persons energy or behaviour. We all know them and have …