Types of Energy Healing: What is the Best Energy Healing Modality?

Gorgeous soul, what are the best types of energy healing techniques? What is it that will permanently shift your energy, change whatever is problematic in your life, and bring you the improvements you seek? Is it reiki? Massage? Crystals? Hypnosis? Something much less known? When I sat down to write about the …

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Types of energy healing

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natural anxiety remedy
05 Feb

Natural Anxiety Remedy: What Works And When To Seek Help

Is there such thing as a natural anxiety remedy? Is anxiety purely an emotional (and often physical) manifestation of the thoughts you choose to think? Or is there something deeper? For a very long time, I have been a strong advocate for the power of mastering your thinking. That is, …

law of attraction and money
03 Feb

Law of Attraction And Money: Waiting For Lotto? You May Croak Broke

Law of attraction and money is a hot topic. For many, creating financial freedom is one of primary motivators for learning and applying the law of attraction. Improved physical well being, career success and relationships are also typical but it is money that gets most people’s motor running on the …

applying the law of attraction
30 Jan

Applying The Law of Attraction Without Effort And Angst

Does applying the law of attraction mean hard work and effort? No. If anything, working ‘hard’ at applying the law of attraction can have the opposite effect. This can be a little unsettling at first. It was for me anyways as hard work and effort was pretty much my MO. …