Types of Energy Healing: What is the Best Energy Healing Modality?

Gorgeous soul, what are the best types of energy healing techniques? What is it that will permanently shift your energy, change whatever is problematic in your life, and bring you the improvements you seek? Is it reiki? Massage? Crystals? Hypnosis? Something much less known? When I sat down to write about the …

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Types of energy healing

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aura analysis
02 Aug

My $450 Aura Analysis / Soul Reading Experience

Yes. I once paid $450 for an aura analysis / soul reading and I’d love to share what I learned from this experience. Recently I wrote about aura readings and what you can do to increase the likelihood of a successful reading, as well as success in your life in …

aura reading
28 Jul

Aura Reading: Tips For A Successful Reading And Long-Term Happiness

Hello Gorgeous. I  feel inspired to write about aura reading today because a family member recently asked me if I had ever had my aura read. Before I answered I asked why she wanted to know. She relayed to me that her best friend ‘had her aura read today and said I …

digestive system cleanse
02 Jul

3 Day Digestive System Cleanse – Journal & Results

Hello Gorgeous. My 3 day colon cleanse / digestive system cleanse is complete and the results are in. Before I continue I am going to cease calling it a colon cleanse because (this is only from my previous experience) it isn’t one, and call it a digestive system cleanse instead. …